The Democratic Primary reminds me of the shitty last season of Glee.

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Yes, I am voting for Warren, but I don’t have the rah-rah put door knockers out there enthusiasm level I had for Obama. The current political climate is something I find repressive and depressing beyond belief. There is an almost fatalistic belief that only Joe Biden can beat Trump. Bernie Sanders and his camp are now straight up low-blowing having jumped on the Biden camp about how a woman can’t possibly win.

Image result for Rachel Berry
Rachel Berry played by Lea Michele, repping for feminism, trying but not always succeeding at intersectionaliy, will portray Elisabeth Warren in this analogy.

Pete Buttiggieg seems to have what it takes to become president in 30 years, since the American public has decided that you have to be over 70 to be a president these days. That and we’re probably 30 fucking years away from being able to have a gay president. We can’t even have a woman president, why would we able to have a gay one?

Image result for Kurt Hummel
Kurt Hummel, played by Chris Colfer, a fresh faced clean cut young man trying desperately to humanize queer people for the American Public, represents Pete Buttigieg.

People’s bullshit about how they weren’t into identity politics because you shouldn’t not vote for someone “just because they are a man” has moved straight (and straight-cis) over to “only a man can be president.”

Most of the POCs have left the race, and it now seems more and more like the final episodes of Glee, where all of the people racially self-segregated and the straight POCs stopped dating interracially, the disabled people were all villified and became grotesque caricatures, they tokenized a few Black and LatinX queers, the Asian girl became a running Asian karaoke f** hag joke so they could center Kurt Hummel’s character in the most objectifying and tokenizing way possible.

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So Progressive! Blaine Anderson, played by Darren Criss, represents the appropriately clean-cut and mainstream acceptable love interest with which Kurt can be adorable and humanize gay people for Americans. He represents Chasten Buttigieg in this analogy.
Image result for pete buttigieg husband
Contrast and Compare: Actual Chastain and Pete Buttigieg, humanizing gay people for America while being in little to no position to actually win the contest.

Elisabeth Warren is like Rachel, the supposed star of the show who goes white feminist evil and appropriates POC culture from time to time.

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The Actual Elisabeth Warren: She doesn’t have two day dads like Rachel but she is very liberal on LGBT rights, Unfotunately, like Rachel, she sometimes crosses the line into cultural appropriation, white centering and white feminism.

Bernie Sanders is Will Schuester, the hip older teacher who is relatable and they keep trying to make him the star but people lose interest.

Image result for Will Schuester
Will Schuester, the hip older white dude who really seems to care about social justice and racial equity, but then suddenly moves over into white centering and making everything about himself and his cis white het privilege, represents Bernie Sanders in this analogy.
Image result for bernie sanders
Actual Bernie Sanders, projecting working class accessibility and a college professor vibe but still weaponizing ciswhite male privilege.

Joe Biden is Finn Hudson, a boring wooden character they keep trying to center the show on while more interesting queer folks and POCs dance around in the background.

Image result for Finn Hudson
Finn Hudson, played by Cory Monteith who died tragically of a drug over dose at only 31 after leaving rehab, represents Joe Biden here – an uninteresting milquetoast white dude who is the defacto star or heir apparent even though the marginalized people are much more talented and promising. They keep recentering things on him to maintain the status quo.
Image result for joe biden
Actual Joe Biden – just here because he used to be a Vice President, plus we are now supposed to pretend Obama was never president and only a boring, milqetoast cishet white dude over 70 can defeat Trump and we can never have a marginalized president again.

I guess Yang can be Mike Chang since he’s still on the show but gets virtually no airtime.

Image result for mike chang glee
Mike Chang, listed as a major character, portayed Harry Shum, Jr, gets insultingly little airtime or speaking parts on the show Glee. He represents Andrew Yang in this analogy.
Image result for andrew yang

Andrew Yang,still a presidential candidate even though people keep forgetting he’s running and he says they turn his mike off so he won’t ask too many questions during debates.

And of course Pete Buttiggieg is Kurt Hummel, the cute young clean cut cisgender white gay boy over and over again like a mascot to distract people from what a mainstream bigoted shitshow it had become.

Image result for season 6 glee cast
Season Six Glee Cast – Wow. So diverse-looking.
Image result for original democratic candidates
Original 2020 Presidential Election Cast

Sue Sylvester must be Trump in this analogy, and I suppose that makes the First Lady and his many daughters and ex-wives the Cheerios.

Image result for sue sylvester
Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester represents President Donald Trump in this analogy.
Image result for president trump in a jogging suit

Actual President Trump in a jogging suit, dealing with an impeachment hearing just like Sue, those guys aren’t the actual Cheerios.

Interview with M. Lamar

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Interview with M. Lamar about the upcoming Vantablack show with Stagefright (my band), Protea and N-Retrograde. We talk about Afrogothic music and literature, Toni Morrison’s Beloved, Gothic horror, American Gothic horror and its relationship to the African American community and slavery and the antebellum south. Losing Toni Morrison in 2019. “The Pieces that I Am” and Toni Morrison refusing white centering in literature. Black horror writers, Afropunk,

Whether or not we saw each other at Death Guild in the 90s and why I asked the club to change its logo. Galaxy Chamber and Omewenne and how Stagefright and Protea used to play with them in the 90s. What is Black Eldergoth? Europeans fetishizing Blackness and how that affects Black people in goth culture. My mother dating Gunther Ethan Palmer, son of Warhol Starlet Ivy Nicholson and Ciao! Manhattan director John Palmer. Martin Gore (of Depeche Mode) finding out that his dad was African American and if he should be invited to the Picnic.

Race as a social construct, and what that means? Interracial Blackness, white passingness, our historical relationship to the trans-Altantic trade route. My mother, Carolyn Saulson, Black Eldergoth and singer of Stagefright. Black centering during and outside of Black History Month.

M Lamar’s relationship to queerness, gender and his identical twin Laverne Cox (he acted as her preop in the series Orange is the New Black).

Loving Blackness and Political Race Theory.

This is a 40 minute interview.

Wickedly Abled Kickstarter Update

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Transcentric Y.A. Fiction Novella Contest

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Cover for Bloodlines, one of the books in the series

I am excited to announce that Mocha Memoirs Press is on board to publish the novelette for the contest winner! That means the winner will receive:

  • A Publishing Contract from Mocha Memoirs Press.
  • Cover artwork featuring Your Character in the series style!
  • Full license from me to create their own work with the spin off character in the Moon Cried Blood universe as an authorized charactr with complete creative control
  • Editing from me – I’ll be the editor – assistant editing by Tristissima and proofreading by my team

In The Moon Cried Blood, teen witches get their powers when their periods start, or at menarche. My friend who is a transwoman suggested a trans teenwitch might get powers when she starts taking hormones. There aren’t any trans characters in it but there should be.

So in an effort to make the universe of the Moon Cried Blood less ciscentric and to tell JK Rowling to kiss my enby ass, I am going to have a contest! The contest is to introduce non-cis characters of any kind to the series universe.

The work should be novelette length, between 7,500 and 11,000 words, so it is consistent in length with the original series. The deadline is March 20, 2020 which is my birthday and also Spring Equinox. Please send your manuscript to

The TERF J.K. Rowling can fuck right off, and here's a contest

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As you may know by now, I am enby and J.K. Rowling is a TERF. Which reminds me of review I got a while ago:

Lance S. Elliott – 4.0 out of 5 stars

Review of “The Moon Cried Blood”

Reviewed in the United States on November 21, 2013
Format: Kindle Edition-Verified Purchase

This is an amazing book. I downloaded this book on the day it was offered for free.

This is not a Twilight or Harry Potter book. In my opinion, it’s better. There is a very complex plot that thickens with every page. The characters, and there are many, are quite detailed. You don’t know what’s going to happen, even as it’s happening. That has been missing with many books these days, and I’m glad to see it here. “

About the Series

The series in an urban fiction world set in the 70s. The heroine is a biracial Black & Mexican girl named Leticia Gordon aka Tisha. Elevator Pitch: LA Banks Vampire Huntress meets Goosebumps.

I’m going enroll all the short books in Smashwords for free from December 25 to January 1 for their Kwanzaa aka end of the year holiday sale. Also the complied complete series book will do down to $1.50 cents over on Smashwords for their Holiday sale.

About the Contest

In The Moon Cried Blood, teen witches get their powers when their periods start, or at menarche. My friend who is a transwoman suggested a trans teenwitch might get powers when she starts taking hormones. There aren’t any trans characters in it but there should be.

So in an effort to make the universe of the Moon Cried Blood less ciscentric and to tell JK Rowling to kiss my enby ass, I am going to have a contest! The contest is to introduce non-cis characters of any kind to the series universe.

The winner(s) will be licensed to create their own spin off characters in that universe which the control and will get free cover artwork and editing from me and my team, assistance with layout for eBook and print, and my permission to promote it as part of that universe.

The work should be novelette length, between 7,500 and 11,000 words, so it is consistent in length with the original series. The deadline is March 20, 2020 which is my birthday and also Spring Equinox.

Irene McCalphin in #Writing While Black, January Edition

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So this.. just so you know I am still interviewing Irene McCalphin about this and this will be in the San Francisco Bay View Newspaper‘s January issue in the #WritingWhileBlack column. We will be talking about the Pantheacon POC Walkout. It happened and cancelling the convention doesn’t change that.

About Irene McCalphin

Queer| Fat|Black| Femme

writer, performance artist, model, witch , singer and eater of food in public

Irene McCalphin is one third of the diverse witchcraft ternion The Virgo Homo Thugs for the Revolution.  As co-founder and massage therapist of A Sovereign Embodiment Healing Collective and Board-member of the Body Political Irene blends magic with massage, storytelling and performance art to liberate, heal and reclaim space for marginalized community.  They’re currently working on a book and facilitating the creation a healing and retreat space for queer femmes in Grass Valley, Ca.

Here is their website:

The Pantheacon blog says “That vision came true for many years, but as time passed it grew bigger and the viewpoints diverged. ” So to the yeah to the best of my knowledge. Some POCs asked people to stop culturally appropriating, so a bunch of white folks got mad and put curses and hexes on them, so the POCs walked out and a bunch o the queer community walked out with organizer Irene McCalpin who is Black and queer. So the “divergence” must be the part when butthurt white folks started hexing Irene.

Now they’re shutting Pantheacon down over the walk out, this will be the last year, and they are wording this in a way that creates further animosity. Considering that three different white Americans connected to Pantheacon referred to themselves as person of color while trying to try to shut me down. There seem to be a lot oppressed Italian Americans newly minted as POCs in defense of Pantheacon or some other problematic white dominated thing these days.

Book of Problematic Things

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So, yesterday, I reposted this post on Mayor Libby Schaaf’s administration harassing the homeless:

Along with the following commentary about her breaking campaign promises.

And just after, I got this weird message from the Mayor’s Office offering me some Slayer tickets for club night at The Uptown I petitioned to remove its racist logo. It seemed like a troll but they were serious. Do I think this has to do with me reporting at the SFBayView? Yes I do.

My friend Blau, a local DJ in the car with me, laughed and said that Slayer was problematic as fuck due to their use of Nazi imagery and lyrics. Like they are as problematic as the shitty lynching logo. It seemed like they were trolling the mayor, the club, the venue, and me.

But I am a hood rat and used to this bullshit. I give zero fucks so I decided to get the fucking tickets and give them to the club, or another club, or perhaps hand them to some homeless folks to use or scalp. When I got there the Mayor’s aide was African American. I thought, this dude has to know I work for the SF BayView, I tagged the damned paper in the post!

So yeah, I get the inside joke now.

Kae Oz, the original poster, works at the Uptown, the Oakland venue for said club. Not a coincidence, in my opinion. Said club declined but I did accept on behalf of the Oakland venue and went to see what’s popping at the Mayor’s Office.

There were protesters there. I arranged to pick up the tickets like a good hood rat, and asked to get my parking validated. Then I handed out my business cards to the assembled and told them I work for the BayView. One of them told me this:

I am doing my best to get the inside scoop on this, so more later.