My Interviews

Here are links to interviews of me by other people:

Sumiko Saulson

Sumiko Saulson

Interview by Lily Byrne

Interview by George L. Cooks III

Interview by KL Coones

Interview by Gwen Perkins

Interview by MR Gott

Interview by Aurora Martinez

Interview by Ann Field

Interview by Joslyn Corvis

Author Interviews

Interviews I’ve done with other authors on this site, listed alphabetically by last name.

Linda Addison

Nnedi Okorafor

Nnedi Okorafor

Pedro Barrento

Ben Barrett

Darlene Black

Nathaniel Brehmer

K.L Coones

Joslyn Corvis

John Everson

Margarita Felices

M.R. Gott

Wendy Pini

Wendy Pini

Rain Graves

Steve Grilliot

Howard Brad Halverson

Terry R. Hill

Ron Houston

Charlee Jacob

Selah Janel

Hollis Jay

Valjeanne Jeffers

Jemiah Jefferson

Pamela K. Kinney

Briana Lawrence

Alex Laybourne

Paul Loh

Amanda Lyons

Anne Rice

Anne Rice

Leandra Martin

Mark Matthews

K.R. Morrison

J.Z. Murdock

Eric Muss-Barnes

Matthew Christopher Nelson

Maria Nieto

Nnedi Okorafor

Nicky Peacock

A.L. Peck

Wendy Pini

John Everson

John Everson

J.M. Rankin

Anne Rice

Christopher Rice

Eden Royce

Robert Rumery

Cinsearae S.

Marge Simon

Tristan Slaughter

Gretchen Steen

Serena Toxicat

Greg Wilkey

L. Marie Wood

To Be Interviewed

I like to run interviews once a week. If your interview request comes in at the same time as several others, I will accept it but let you know you will have to wait a while. The only time I will refuse is if your book is something completely unrelated to the horror or sci-fi genre. If it’s vaguely related – well, doesn’t hurt to ask. I accepted the request sent in by a non-fiction author of a book on ghosts, for example. If it’s in no way related, I will say no. I publish them in a first come first serve manner. I usually ask seven or eight questions via email.
I’ll need the following from you:
1) Author Bio
2) Author Photo
2) Name and description of the book you are currently promoting
3) Images to go along with the interview (usually, people send book covers or associated artwork).
4) A sample of your writing (it could be the book you are promoting, but it doesn’t have to be: a short story is fine).
5) Contact information (where to find you, and where to buy your books)
It will be easier for me to formulate custom questions if I have that information first.
Optional Materials you can include if you like:
7) Book video links (online video commercial things)
8) Promotional offers to the readers

To Interview Me:

Email me and ask, or just drop a comment below.  My email address is

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