The Video

This is less than two minutes long. It’s the introduction to the story “Agrippa”, from “Things That Go Bump In My Head”, with the illustrations from the first two pages of the comic book project

The Comic Book Online

You can follow Agrippa online at, here:

 “Agrippa” is a dystopic near-future tale that takes place in an unnamed industrialized nation very much like the United States. When foreign creditors demand that the nation repay its considerable international debt or face war it enacts the Dulcetta Reforms, ultra-restrictive laws establishing debtor’s prison, and causing a large number of people – many of them seniors – to go to jail or even face execution if not continuously working to pay off their personal debts to the government.  Dr. Tine, an expert in geriatric medicine, is desperately searching for employment at the beginning of our tale,  having lost her useful functioning in society as the elders she once treated were rounded up and hauled off to the prison camps. Things were so bad she didn’t think they could possibly get any worse. How very wrong she was.

It is one of the short stories in my recently released collection, “Things That Go Bump In My Head. The project will be released online in color, and there will be a print version after the series is completed.

The Book


Color – $10.00 Black and White – $5.00 eBook – $2.00


Living A Lie

 by Carolyn Saulson (author) andSumiko Saulson (Illustrator)

living a lie
Lately, he’d been going by the name Randolph James, of course this wasn’t his real name, but he made it work. Looking into the full-length mirror in his bedroom, he forced his body to stand erect, checked his stance, and prepared to be Mr. Randolph James one more time.

“Living a Lie” is a serialized near-future science fiction story about a man born to a mentally ill, homeless mother who has hidden his true identity and background during his quest for upward mobility. The lie he’s been living threatens to unravel when he begins to discover that his mother’s symptoms were not signs of the onset of schizophrenia… but of the onset of superhuman powers, powers that seem to be hereditary.

Black and White – $5.00 eBook $0.99


“Dreamworlds,” a dark fantasy addressing mental health issues, about a writer who hears voice and thinks her characters have come to life. It is a dark fantasy exploring the connection between creativity and psychosis.  It follows the path of an author who, following a series of personal crises, family tragedies and relationship problems, becomes increasingly detached from reality and begins living in a fantasy world where one of her characters exists and takes over her life as an occupying entity in her body. Is this foreign presence benign, or harmful? Can she connect with other people in her world if she spends more and more time off in her head, writing and talking to people who aren’t really there?

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