A Travesty in Timbuktu

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Sawfish headress. Ijo. Nigeria - Musée du quai Branly - Wikicommons

Sawfish headress. Ijo. Nigeria – Musée du quai Branly – Wikicommons

Ya’ll act like I’m Killmonger when I try to tell you
About how they looted my ancestral home in Benin
And burned down the libraries at Timbuktu

You think I am trying to be edgy
By claiming my history
Defending your European roots
As the true source of all mystery

All art, love and light and all that is true
The source of shiny, happy feelings
With vaulted Gothic ceilings
The art of the European masters
Not their Bertha Mason enslaved mulatto bastards…

Half my bloodline arrived in American in chains
From West Africa, where it pains me to say
The colonizers burned and looted as well as enslaved
Erasing our history so they can pretend
That we don’t have any today

How you brag and bray
About your superior role
In the cultural landscape of history
Dismissing me and my kind
For being behind a movement
To fund black churches that burned to the ground
Because you find them of less import
And historical relevance
And European elegance
If you know what I mean

The Quai Branly museum in Paris
Just a thirteen minute drive away
From Notre Dame still houses, today
Some of the thousands of treasures
The French stole from my ancestors
In 1892 from the Kingdom of Dahomey

So if I decide to send some funds
To a black church in the south
Instead of Notre Dame
Try not to pout and act out
Like I defamed you

For my ancestor’s histories were stolen
Burned and erased
With no reparations made to this very day
No, the artwork has not been replaced
To the land from which we were also stolen away
By the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade.

Scry of Lust Book Launch Party

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Scry of Lust Cover

Dark and seductive, alluring and imaginative, perverse, shocking, and at times hilarious—Scry of Lust is an arousing collection of erotica, paranormal romance, sexy poetry, and kinky tales that will spark your desire and quicken your breath. Indulge in the lustful imaginings of this diverse group of writers, all by your naughty self, or share it out loud to entice your lovers. Scry of Lust will charm the pants off of you—literally!

Profits from this collection are being donated to the San Francisco AIDSWalk, through SFGoth Team #5015, in memory of Gregory Hug.

Book Launch Party

Buy yourself supper at The Octopus Salon, pick up copy of Scry of Lust! We are debuting the anthology/chapbook Scry of Lust at the event. It contains erotic poetry and prose to raise money for the SF Goth Team #5105 or San Francisco AIDSWalk!  Join us for HOT HOT HOT SEXY READINGS, and PG-rated public beatings as the cheap kinky toy SpankyBats are demonstrated.

It is a weekday supper time (5 pm to 7:30 pm) at Octopus Salon on Tuesday, May 28 featuring readings of erotic poetry and prose by participants in the Kinky Writer’s Munch!

Additionally, Select items are for the AIDSWalk cause. Buy a $5 Kinky Bat! Sign up to sponsor a walker! Sign up to walk yourself! Buy selected jewelry, buttons and charms vended for the cause at the SFGoth AIDSWalk vending area.



Confirmed authors include:

Sumiko Saulson, Ouroboros Sings (Mimi Heft), Serena Toxicat, Charlie Verrette,  Ev Joy Lokadottr, Francesca Gentille, Merlin Monroe (Skunkheart), Kathleen Mahnke, Lydia, Lif and Sara the Black.

(Individual writers may also have books and other items of their own available for personal sale in a separate area. If so those won’t be going towards the funds raised.)

Kinky Writer’s Munch

Kinky Writers BenefitThe Kinky Writers Group meets weekly at Wicked Grounds Cafe, home of the San Francisco Bay Area’s kink and BSDM scene, at the center of the City’s Leather & LGBTQ Cultural District. We welcome writers of all experience levels, races, genders, orientations, and sensual proclivities.

Kinky Writer’s Munch (hosted by @Mauskaveli aka Sumiko Saulson) meets every Monday from 7pm to 8:30 pm at Wicked Grounds)

For more information, visit our FetLife group: fetlife.com/groups/183690
The Kinky Writer’s Munch’s group of kinky people who write kinky (and sometimes not so kinky) things is coming out to read poetry and short fiction at The Octopus Salon! To raise money for the #SFGoth #AIDSWalk team #5015 for the 2019 AIDSWalk!


Group: https://fetlife.com/groups/183690

SFGoth Team AIDSWalk:

SFGoth AIDSWalk Team: https://sf.aidswalk.net/SFGOTH

Extended Call for Submissions to Wickedly Abled

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Wickedly Abled CoverDark fantasy, sci-fi and horror by disabled authors featuring disabled protagonists.

Tired of future worlds so-called utopias where disabled people have been erased by eugenic scientists? Dreaming of science-fiction that properly labels such depictions as dystopias for those of us who are physically and neurologically atypical? Are you sick of horror stories where mutation, mental illness, and deformity are signs of inherent evil? Are you interested in dissecting the way in which old tropes about disability informed the oldest of fairy tales and camp side stories? Do you want to demystify disabilities that have been considered by the able- bodied as signs of some sort of curse? Challenge the abliest and saneist realms which have plagued world-building in fantasy, horror, science-fiction and fairy tale mythologies since the dawn of mankind?

Are you a disabled author? Do you want to turn you distinct view into something wickedly political, bitingly political, darkly funny, and disturbingly heart-wrenching or atypically challenging to norms? Then perhaps you are one of the Wickedly Abled.

Wickedly Abled is a dark speculative fiction anthology challenging well-worn tropes depicting disabled persons in solely villain or victim roles by promoting darker themed works of fantasy, sci-fi and horror by authors with disabilities artists which feature disabled protagonists.

Wickedly Abled is the brainchild of Sumiko Saulson, the editor of and mind behind the best-selling horror anthology Black Magic Women, a showcase of eighteen different black female horror writers from the African Diaspora on Mocha Memoirs Press.

Looking for 1,500 to 5,500 words in length short horror and dark fantasy by disabled authors. Paying $10 flat and an eBook copy, plus offering unlimited at-cost print books to authors in the anthology.  Previously unpublished original work preferred, but we will consider reprints if the original work is currently out of print and has been for over a year. Please let us know if it is a re-print. No simultaneous submissions. We will want exclusive e-publication rights for one year (first publication rights if it’s unpublished).

Please submit it as a .doc or .rtf or .txt document, double spaced, 12 pt, Times New Roman or similar, to sumikoska@yahoo.com

Deadline: May 31, 2019

Cover art by Lillian Rose Asterios

Editor’s Pick: Horror Bites

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HorrorAddicts.net continues our Horror Bites series with
a bundle of new fiction by our Next Great Horror Writer Contestants.

NGHWEdPSmFeaturing work by:

Jonathan Fortin

Naching T. Kassa

Daphne Strasert

Jess Landry

Harry Husbands

Sumiko Saulson

Adele Marie Park

Feind Gottes

JC Martínez

Cat Voleur

Abi Kirk-Thomas

Timothy G. Huguenin

Riley Pierce

Quentin Norris


With introduction by Emerian Rich.


HorrorAddicts.net is proud to present our top 14 contestants in the Next Great Horror Writer Contest. The included stories, scripts, and poems are the result of the hard work and dedication these fine writers put forth to win a book contract. Some learned they loved writing and want to pursue it as a career for the rest of their lives. Some discovered they should change careers either to a different genre of writing or to a new career entirely. Whatever lessons came along the way, they each learned something about themselves and grew as writers. We hope you enjoy the writing as much as we did.

Just 99 cents at Amazon.com




A sneak peek inside…

by Sumiko Saulson

Submitted for the Poetry Challenge, Episode #141


Over sea, floating ye, staying abreast of watery crests.

Midwinter air caresses curls unfurling over briny sea.

Cool wet skin, paper thin… I can see your soul within.

Every capillary pumping blood, intestinal processes digesting food.

Your loving heart plain to see… How intimate your transparency.


A sea-deep mystery, stories untold, windows into your ancient soul,

Your eyes speckled, flecks of gold cascading within jet black coal,

Encasing your exquisite charms, enfolded within my fragile arms.

I am the contemplator of your delicacy. Hear ye now my mortal pleas.

May your ethereal heart, thorny spine, and eternal love be ever mine.


Adrift on my back, your tentative fingers in mine entwined.

Long slender tail wrapped around my thighs, tendrils twixt toes.

The smooth flesh of your undercarriage where barnacles grow.

My flesh puckers where their tiny mouths burrow into my skin,

Digesting the healthy white blood cells within.


Risen have you from the darkest depths where men do not reside.

I gave you a place within my skin where creatures dark abide.

Do not leave me alone nor recede like the sand does from the tide,

But carry me along with ye… Astride my floating bounty be.

Feast upon the only vessel strong enough to return ye to sea…To read more, click here.


Author: Sumiko Saulson is a cartoonist, horror writer, editor of Black Magic Women – on the 2018 Stoker’s Recommended Reads List – and 100 Black Women in Horror Fiction. Author of Solitude, Warmth, Moon Cried Blood, and Happiness and Other Diseases. Comics Mauskaveli, Dooky, Dreamworlds and Agrippa. She writes for SEARCH Magazine. SumikoSaulson.com.



for Horror Addicts, by Horror Addicts

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Chilling Chat: 10 Quick Questions with Sumiko Saulson

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SEARCH: Amazing Mothers

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