Tales from the Lake, Volume 3.

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My short story “Enclosures” will be included in the new Tales from the Lake, Volume 3. Please check it out. It doesn’t come out til August 26 but you can preorder it here.

Tales from the Lake 3Dive into the deep end of the lake with 19 tales of terror, selected by Monique Snyman.

Tales from the Lake Vol. 3 features ghosts, monsters, assassins, alternate dimensions, creatures from the deepest depths and the darkest parts of the universe.

Join “Maybelle” by Mere Joyce in a world where books become real enough to cause both pleasure and pain. Avoid the sounds of “The Cruel” by Harper Hull, lest you want to come to a terrifying end. Travel across the world to see what terrors lurk in an abandoned hospital with “Hush” by Sergio Pereira.

This non-themed horror anthology is filled with suspenseful stories, terrifying thrillers, tragic tales, mystifying mysteries, and memorable adventures that will leave you wanting more. Let these modern urban legends prickle your imagination, share it around a campfire, and revel in the magic of Crystal Lake’s exceptional authors.

The Owl Builder by D. Morgan Ballmer
Tragedy Park by Chris Pearce
Enclosures by Sumiko Saulson Woe
Violent Water by Lily Childs
The Cruel by Harper Hull
Red Scream with Little Smile by Paul Edmonds
Maybelle by Meredith Cleversey writing as Mere Joyce
Rodent in the Red Room by Matt Hayward
The Deeper I Go The Deeper I Fear by Natalie Carroll
The Pigmalion Pigs by Mark Allan Gunnells
Chemical Oasis by Tommy B. Smith
Hush by Sergio Pereira
The Reaper’s Fire by Kenneth W. Cain
Effigy by Kate Jonez
Scents of Fear by Steve Jenner
The Bet by Amy Grech
A Hand from the Depths by Dave-Brendon de Burgh
The Monster of Biscayne Bay by Roxanne Dent
The Song at the Edge of the Unfinished Road by Patrick Bates

Foreword by the editor, Monique Snyman.

Proudly represented by Crystal Lake Publishing.


Sumiko Saulson’s Black Women in Horror Writing #15: Linda D. Addison

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More coverage for 60 Black Women in Horror

Bryan's Pop Culture Hour

Linda AddisonHow to Recognize a Demon Has Become Your Friend by Linda D. Addison

Review by Bryan Cebulski (@BryanOnion)

Linda D. Addison is the most joyous, playful writer I’ve yet encountered on this list. Her works are funny, horrific, grotesque and farcical in both content and structure. This particular collection, How to Recognize a Demon has Become Your Friend, flipflops between short stories and poems. Her short fictions range from the amusing (ie “Excerpts from the Unabridged Traveler’s Guide as UFOs in Galaxy A.G.2”, a piece about the ethics of aliens traveling to Earth which plays on a lot of X-Files-esque alien tropes) to the tragic (ie “The Power”, about girls learning how to use witchcraft), and often incorporate elements of both (ie“Artificial Unintelligence”, wherein a typo causes an AI “human” resources department to attempt to arrest an unsuspecting woman just trying to settling her retirement plan).

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Summer Sale at Smashwords

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How the Program Works:

At one minute past midnight Pacific time on July 1, the special Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale promotion catalog goes live on the Smashwords home page.  Readers can browse the catalog and search by coupon code levels and categories.  At the stroke of midnight Pacific time on July 31, the catalog disappears.

The coupon codes only work at Smashwords, not at retailers served by Smashwords.

Sumiko Saulson on Smashwords

I would like to announcement my participation in the Smashwords summer sale. Here is a direct link to my Smashwords  author page. Use the code SSW50 to get the books I have enrolled in the promo for 50% off.

Here are the books I have on sale at 50% off:

On Sale for $1.50

The Moon Cried Blood third edition coverThe Moon Cried Blood (Box Set)

Happiness & Other Diseases





On Sale for 99 Cents:

Things That Go Bump In My Head



At the Sacramento Black Book Fair today

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I will be at the Sacramento Black Book Fair today. I have two events – a book chat, where I will be selling and signing books and answering questions about my books, if time allows, reading -and a panel discussion with two other writers, including featured guest writer Jay King.

SBBF Sunday Schedule

My book chat will take place at Underground Books, 35th Street & Broadway in Sacramento, CA

The Special Writer’s Circle will take place at 4:30 pm at the Sacramento Food Bank, 3333 3rd Ave in Sacramento, CA.

Sumiko Saulson’s Black Women in Horror Writing #13: L.A. Banks

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Minion by L.A. Banks Review by Bryan Cebulski (@BryanOnion) I have no particular interest in vampires. In fact I would go so far as to say I find very little genuinely interesting about them. Yet I…

Source: Sumiko Saulson’s Black Women in Horror Writing #13: L.A. Banks

Sumiko Saulson’s Black Women in Horror Writing #13: L.A. Banks

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Another review from the 60 Black Women in Horror list…

Bryan's Pop Culture Hour

LA Banks MinionMinion by L.A. Banks

Review by Bryan Cebulski (@BryanOnion)

I have no particular interest in vampires. In fact I would go so far as to say I find very little genuinely interesting about them. Yet I keep coming back to vampire stories. I’ve watched the entirety of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, but this is due to my fascination with the characters more than the monsters. Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines is one of my favorite videogames, but this is more out of respect for its gameplay and storyline. Nosferatu is one of my favorite movies, but that’s due to my admiration for the eerie aesthetic of German expressionism. I really want to read Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire and Tananarive Due’s African Immortals series, but that’s due to my ambition to be familiar with all horror genre touchstones and my appreciation for Tananarive Due as…

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Bad Egg by Sumiko Saulson

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Bad Egg by Sumiko Saulson          Susan Dunphy sniffed and frowned as she crossed the foyer. A putrid stench oozed into the room. It was the unmistakable stench of a rotten egg. She began to…

Source: Bad Egg by Sumiko Saulson


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