Hug a Writer Day

Joslyn Corvis wants Writer’s Day to be a thing – every April 28th – so, I am making a page for it. Why not? There is already an eCard to send around:

April 28 – Hug A Writer’s Day


And now, there’s a Facebook page for it:

Check Joslyn out here:

The original post is below:

Original Post

Okay.. maybe I just made that up. But still. Hug a writer. We work our fannies off.  There should be a hug a writer’s day. Today is April 28, 2013 and I officially declare April 28 hug a writer’s day. I honor of “Hug a Writer’s Day” I have a few words of encouragement for you… from the Beatles.

Why You Should Hug A Writer Today

Gregory Hug demonstrates proper writer-hugging technique in this photo with his fiance Sumiko Saulson.
Gregory Hug demonstrates proper writer-hugging technique in this photo with his fiance Sumiko Saulson.
  • You know how you hate getting a job performance review from your boss? Or – if you work at McDonalds, you might be getting one from like, three bosses. Well, a writer gets to look forward to numerous performance reviews from customers (readers) called “customer reviews” that appear on places like Goodreads and Amazon, and if the writer is successful enough, “professional reviews” from newspapers and other periodicals. This can be stressful for the writer. Interestingly, not getting ANY reviews is also stressful for the writer.
  • The writer may be underpaid. If the writer is getting royalties instead of any hourly wage working for someone else, the writer could be getting less than minimum wage.
  • If the writer lives in the United States, the writer has probably just finished dealing with Tax Season. Receiving royalties means having to file an additional tax form. The writer may have a half dozen royalty forms from different publishers or periodicals he or she has gotten small amounts of reportable income from. Your writer is probably suffering post income tax stress right now.
  • Your writer has to keep revising things. Revising things is stressful.

If you are unable to hug your writer in person, I’ve provided a link to this Beatles cartoon for “Paperback Writer” that you can send to your writer friend. The lyrics are also linked to below, in case you’re feeling ambitious and you want to perform an impromptu serenade for your writer loved one.

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