I’m in two art exhibits this month

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I am in the

Color Speaks Exhibit

at Berkeley Central Arts Passage

2055 Center Street

Berkeley, California

near Downtown Berkeley BART Station

Berkeley Arts Passage is open from 9:30 AM -5PM

Mondays – Saturdays.

I have two pieces in this exhibit:



Dooky by sumikoska

Flynn, You, and Dookyboo

Dookyboo1 Color by sumikoska

Women in Art

August 19-November 10, 2017

This show honors women Artists and women through Art.

Expressions Gallery


2035 Ashby Ave. Berkeley, California, 94703 | 510.644.493

I have three works in the show, each of which is acrylics on watercolor paper, framed, 9 x 12 or 12 x 9. They are on sale for $150 at the gallery. Prints are available at www.buyartworknow.com.


Dancer by sumikoska

Three Goddesses

Insatiable New Three Godess Painting by sumikoska

Mother, Maiden, Crone

Bloodlines by sumikoska


HorrorAddicts.net, 147 #NGHW Judge: Frank H. Woodward

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Check out the latest episode of #NGHW Contest and stay on #TeamSumiko til the bitter end. It’s down to the wire. Who will win this week’s competition?


Horror Addicts Episode# 147
SEASON 12 – The Next Great Horror Writer Contest


Horror Hostess: Emerian Rich

Judge: H.E. Roulo

Guest Judge: Frank H. Woodward

Intro Music by: Valentine Wolfe



Find all articles and interviews at: http://www.horroraddicts.net

52 Days till Halloween

Halloween stuff, Frank interview #97

Intro of judges, prizes, and contest.

Review of the 10 Audiodramas

Contestants: Feind Gottes, Naching T. Kassa, Jess Landry, Sumiko Saulson, Cat Voleur, Jonathan Fortin, Adele Marie Park, JC Martinez, Harry Husbands, Daphne Strasert.

HA.Net News: Audiodrama version Emerian Rich & Kirk Warrington voices

*Jesse Orr’s new installment of The Scarlett Dahlia

*DJ Pitsiladis Nightmare Fuel, The Town that Dreaded Sundown

*Kbatz Frightening Flix: Brimstone

*David’s Haunted Library features: The Howling 2

*GB: J.C. Eickelberg – Pet Cemetery fan art.

*PR: Entertaining Demons by Daniel I. Russell

*PR: Kingdoms of Sorrow by JK Franks

*PR: CometTV.com

*PR: Puff

*Backwoods Bonfire…

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#NGHW Top 6 Character Descriptions

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I got in the top 6! Listen to the show, read the excerpts.


These are the top 6 Character excerpts from the Character challenge.

Character 1: Silt and Bone by Jess Landry

Growths of moss and cobwebs littered the branches, the falling water wiping some of them away into the rising water.
On the throne sat a motionless woman who looked as though she’d been carved from a birch tree. Her delicate features and ashen skin shimmered in the struggling light; dark, horizontal lines and black knots speckled every inch of her visible surface, even her eyelids. Roots spilled from her head: five long, thick stems that thinned out as they joined the mosaic of branches behind her. Her arms lay on the armrests, strangely human yet twisted like intertwining branches, leading to slender fingers that extended into thin twigs sharp enough to slice through skin and bone. Her forehead extended past that of a human’s, ending in a ragged, broken trunk—a crown…

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#NGHW Top 6 Character Descriptions

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Source: #NGHW Top 6 Character Descriptions

#NGHW Top 7 True Horrific Blog Posts

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These are the top 7 blog post excerpts from the True Horrific challenge.

Blog Post 1: Black Death – Naching T. Kassa

Death is the ultimate enemy. It steals those we love and forms a wall between this world and the next. It is the dark curtain we cannot peer behind.

Death waits for us all.

Do you remember the first time you encountered death? Did the passing of a pet or grandparent reveal its presence? When did you discover your mortality? How old were you?

My discovery began with a young girl’s demise. I was nine.

The girl was two years younger and lived a few miles away from me. We attended the same school and, though we didn’t know each other, she struck me as a sweet person.

Her hair was blonde. It stood out against the white sweaters and dresses she wore. I don’t think she wore white…

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Press Release : Crystal Lake Publishing : Twice Upon an Apocalypse

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Twice Upon An Apocalypse

Edited by Rachel Kenley & Scott T. Coudsward

These aren’t your mother’s fairy tales. Throughout history parents have told their children stories to help them sleep, to keep them entertained. But we’re pretty sure none of those parents had this in mind. These are the fairy tales that will give you and your children nightmares. From the darkest depths of Grimm and Anderson come the immortal mash-ups with the creations of HP Lovecraft.

The stories in Twice Upon an Apocalypse will scare and delight “Children” of all ages!

Twice Upon an Apocalypse is one of the most refreshingly inventive, entertaining, thoughtful (and thought-provoking), not to mention unnerving anthologies I’ve read in years.”Gary A. Braunbeck

Watch the latest episode of Beneath the Lake videocast, with host Todd Keisling interviewing TWICE UPON AN APOCALYPSE contributors, Armand Rosamilia and Bracken MacLeod:

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#NGHW Top 6 Poetry Excerpts

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Source: #NGHW Top 6 Poetry Excerpts