HorrorAddicts.net Press presents…Clockwork Wonderland.

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So excited to be a part of this anthology
Source: HorrorAddicts.net Press presents…Clockwork Wonderland.

#NGHW TOP Seven 300-word Stories

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Check out all of the great stories that made it into the Top 7 for the Next Great Horror Writer #NGHW – including mine, the first story. Larvae – check out the podcast / earlier post to hear the fabulous reading of Larvae by Emerian Rich, all of the other 7 readings, and find out who got in the top 3, and who won!


TOP 7 / 300-WORD STORIES featured on #138

  1. 1: LARVAE by Sumiko SaulsonLARVAE – A sliver of sunlight pierced the stagnant air of the subbasement, illuminating claw marks in the mossy walls. Under the stream of light I observed bloodstains at the base of my torn nailbed. I winced. The iron-rich smell would attract the creature.

    Its piteous mewling arose from the depths. I nervously kicked soil into the tunnel at my feet. I had to escape before it returned. Clutching the soil, my fingers dug deep within. Quickly, I ascended. I was six feet up when I felt a tug at my feet. Looking down in horror, I witnessed the creature’s bloated, white body creeping up my pants leg.

    “Get off me, foul thing!” I screamed, kicking the hideous larvae. It was three feet long. Its maw oozed putrescent yellow fluids reeking of fetid lard. That evil oral emanation…

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HorrorAddicts.net, 137 The Next Great Horror Writer ContestPlease listen and vote for your favorite 100 word horror story.

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#NGHW Prizes and Sponsors

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So many awesome prizes!


GRAND PRIZES (One lucky winner):

logo-with-gentCrystal Lake Publishing

Grand Prize: Book Contract

With unmatched success since 2012, Crystal Lake Publishing has quickly become one of the world’s leading indie publishers of Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense books with a Dark Fiction edge.

Crystal Lake Publishing puts integrity, honor, and respect at the forefront of our operations. We strive for each book and outreach program that’s launched to not only entertain and touch or comment on issues that affect our readers, but also to strengthen and support the Dark Fiction field and its authors. This is what we believe in. What we stand for. This will be our legacy.

Welcome to Crystal Lake Publishing—Tales from the Darkest Depths

 Dario Ciriello, EditorDario

Grand Prize: Full edit of winner’s novel up to 50,000 words.


Grand Prizes:

  • Short story contract with HorrorAddicts.net “Horror Bites” series.
  • Horror Writer gift box. Supplies and inspiration for the Next Great…

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#NGHW Contest Begins!

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Source: #NGHW Contest Begins!

When it comes to #NGHW, I hope you’re on #TeamSumiko.


#NGHW News: Interview with Contestant: Sumiko Saulson

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Source: #NGHW News: Interview with Contestant: Sumiko Saulson

10 Black Speculative Fiction Anthologies You Should Read

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I’m so excited to see Forever Vacancy on this list – it’s out now, and I have a story “The Honeymoon Suite: Jacob’s Reunion” which is about a black gay man who has to go to his dead lover’s high school reunion in Atlanta and makes the mistake of booking into the accursed Kretcher Motel. Revenge, hexes, and the need to “get out” ensue.

Chronicles of Harriet

If novels are the meat and bones of Black Speculative Fiction – science fiction, fantasy and horror written by and about people of African descent – then short stories are the lifeblood.

Anthologies are great because the short fiction found within them allows readers to expand their reading horizons in a relatively short amount of time through diverse stories written in a variety of writing styles.

Here are 10 Black Speculative Fiction anthologies that will show you just how Blacktastic science fiction, fantasy and horror storytelling can get.

Black Power: The Superhero Anthology

This groundbreaking anthology brings together twenty authors to craft original short superhero stories.

BLACK POWER: THE SUPERHERO ANTHOLOGY offers BANG-POW-THOOM action, searing satire, and thoughtful social commentary from a people too often overlooked in mainstream comic books and heroic cinema and television.

The superheroes in BLACK POWER: THE SUPERHERO ANTHOLOGY come from all walks of life. Some…

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