Congrats to our Contest Winners!

I wanted to give warm thanks to… uhm warmly thank… oh okay, I wanted to thank everyone who participated in the “Feast, Flesh or Foul” zombie/ghoul contest and offer a round of applause to the two winners, Kateryna Fury and Keun Hicks, each of whom won a signed copy of my latest novel, Warmth.

2nd Place Winner! Keun Hicks Zombie

2nd Place Winner! Keun Hicks Zombie

“Warmth” is the gruesome tale of ghoulish zombie hunter Sera, currently going by the name Leilani Paoli. She hates the Dead – zombies. They have no self-control. She would love to believe that if it weren’t for zombie hunters like herself, humans would have lost the war against the oncoming hordes of zombies hundreds of years ago – she’d like to believe it, but it really isn’t true. For one thing, The Dead are merely a single, brief point in the life cycle of the Afflicted. First one is bitten, then one is Afflicted… once Afflicted, if one fails to survive the zombie bite, or inevitably dies of some other source down the line, one becomes a zombie: a mindless member of the Dead, with but a single impulse: to devour as much human flesh as possible as quickly as possible before one’s corpse rots and falls apart. Few of the Dead will survive long enough to achieve the advanced stage of decomposition Keun’s mask-work entry seems to have obtained.

1st Place Winner - Kateryna Fury Zombie

1st Place Winner – Kateryna Fury Zombie

No one is really sure how this whole mess started, but according to Sera’s oldest friend, the Mayan woman Itzel, there were once ancient wall drawing in the Americans that showed that zombie outbreaks took place during seemingly prehistoric times – long before she herself was born. She said that the outbreaks of Small Pox first in Europe, then later in the new World after Columbus showed up, were responsible for wiping out most of the Afflicted: both the Dead and the Living.  The Afflicted seemed particularly sensitive to the disease, so much so that most of the Elders had had it sometime before becoming Afflicted, and still bore the scars. Sera and Itzel were among the Living, Afflicted:  ghouls who required a diet of human flesh to survive. Both of the ladies had their teeth sharpened into shark-like points to aide with the tearing of flesh from bone during mealtimes. Perhaps the primitive drawings Itzel remembered seeing on some of the forgotten ruins of ancient American cities looked like the neo-primitivist zombie artwork created by 1st Place winner Kateryna Fury?

Each of the Winners receives a signed copy of Warmth and an opportunity to have her artwork included in promotions for the book.  The novel “Warmth” is currently available on, for the Kindle Reader, on and locally at Laurel Bookstore in Oakland, CA.

~ by Sumiko Saulson on June 2, 2012.

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