Today Only! Two Books Free for the Kindle!

Today is the LAST DAY you can check out my books “Warmth” and “The Moon Cried Blood” for free from the Kindle Library if you are an Amazon Prime member… if you ARE an Amazon Prime Member, you may wish to check them out today, while you can still do it for free.

In related news. starting tomorrow these books will be available for the iPad and Nook (I can’t offer them for the iPad or Nook until I’m out of the KDP Select Program). When that occurs, of course, they will cost good money. But for now you can check them out for ABSOLUTELY FREE! Today only, because tomorrow they will end their period of exclusive involvement with KDP Select.

Let me give you the links, so you can easily check them out, if you want to.



Warmth – For Kindle

Book Description

Publication Date: March 27, 2012
“I hate the dead. They have no self-control” – Sera. She is ghula – one of the extremely long-lived though not immortal flesh eaters whose lives can end in only one way – in resurrection as a hungry, ambulatory corpse who will spend the short days of its unlife rotting, eating, and infecting as many as possible. Sera compares her life to a dark comedy – trapped with an unwanted pregnancy for the past 600 years, constantly afraid that the fetus will die and go zombie in-utero, always cold and constantly running a fever like every other ghoul on the planet. Luckily, two things in life sustain her: her joy in hunting and destroying the Dead, and the constant seeking of comfort in warmth.

Warmth actually has one user review: it’s for the paperback version, and it’s over on Lulu, but I am going to go and paste it here for your convenience.

By Desdemona Ekaterina Gare-Frantisek
Mar 15, 2012
Another book I had trouble putting down, I stayed up until dawn totally blown away by all the interesting twists in the story. The characters are compelling, well thought out and unique. Not everything is what it seems and no matter how much you try to hide it, reality has a way of catching up with you in sometimes thoroughly gruesome ways. It was one hell of a ride, sad to see it end. If you have a sick sense of humor, add this to your must read list!
The Moon Cried Blood

The Moon Cried Blood

The Moon Cried Blood – For Kindle

Book Description

Publication Date: March 27, 2012

It is said that the Wolf may howl at the Moon, but the Moon never howls at the Wolf. In the gritty urban streets of Los Angeles in 1975, Leticia Gordon is forced to come to terms with many things: the tragic death of her stepmother and baby sister in a car accident, fear she’ll wind up in foster care, and the sudden revelation she belongs to a long line of powerful witches known as Luna – who exhibit first power at the start of womanhood. Running from foes natural and supernatural, will her newfound powers be the turning point that elevates her position of honor, or will it destroy her like the dark forces that consumed her father? In a world turned upside down where time itself seems in flux, in whom can she trust?

I don’t have any reviews for The Moon Cried Blood yet, so perhaps you can be the first to review it?

My first book, “Solitude”, is NOT available for KDP Select, but I am going to include it here just in case you want to buy it:  It is available in Hardcover, Paperback, and eBook formats. And it has several great user reviews.

Solitude – for Kindle

Solitude – Large Format Paperback

Solitude – Trade Paperback

Solitude – PDF

Solitude – Hardcover

COMING SOON! Solitude for the iPad and the Nook

Book Description

Publication Date: March 26, 2012


To what extent does the presence of others affect our thoughts and actions? What do we believe when we are truly alone? Solitude is the riveting tale of diverse individuals isolated in a San Francisco seemingly void of all other human life. In the absence of others, each journeys into personal web of beliefs and perceptions as they try to determine what happened to them, and the world around them. Each of them view events differently. One suspects aliens have invaded, another believes it’s a sign of Revelation and end times, some don’t know what to think, and others find their minds unraveling as they struggle to cope with unimaginable events. Soon, threats both natural and supernatural leave them too busy fighting to survive in a world of strange and unpredictable events where all of the luxuries of civilization are being slowly eroded to even stop to wonder. And unless they can find each other, they will have to face it all alone, in the dark.

Book Reviews

By Desdemona Ekaterina Gare-Frantisek
Dec 6, 2011
Don’t read this book before going to bed, you’ll never get to sleep! The suspense and attention to character development is impeccable. You get to know and build a personal relationship with them, the story weaves and arch that binds them all together in one unexpected conclusion. READ THIS! You will love this novel.
By Michael Lee Totten
Jan 15, 2012
I love the mystery of the beginning of this novel and how it builds up in sinister intensity in its sheer horror!
5.0 out of 5 stars
very good, epic novel, evocative of Stephen King’s the Stand,
April 4, 2012
By neutrino78x (‘Silicon Valley’, California, USA) – See all my reviews
This review is from: Solitude (Kindle Edition)

This is a fascinating and epic novel, evocative of Stephen King, especially his more grandiose works such as The Stand and The Dark Tower. It involves a group of people who wake up to find that everyone in San Francisco seems to have disappeared except for themselves, and soon discover that there are great forces at work. The drama unfolds as they discover the nature of their predicament and attempt to resolve it.

~ by Sumiko Saulson on June 25, 2012.

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  1. It’s Here! Solitude eBook for iPod and Nook!

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