Free Short Story! Yours for the asking

Would you like a free short story from the up-and-coming short story compilation “Things That Go Bump In My Head?”  July 25 – July 31st ONLY receive your free copy of “I, Stammer (In Disbelief)” just by asking! I can’t post it here on the blog because it contains profanity (and the blog is certified as PG rated), but if you leave a comment below suggesting your interest, or message me on my Facebook page at:

I will be happy to email you your FREE copy of this work of dark humor/horror fiction. Or maybe I should say dark humor-SLASH-horror fiction. You will receive this six-page story not in an eBook but in a cross-platform readable PDF format.

I, Stammer (In Disbelief)

I, Stammer (In Disbelief)

Description: Harold Stammer is a bus driver in the City of Berkeley.  A highly abrasive variant of the every man, is in the habit of expressing incredulity at and rejecting all kinds of advice… especially the good kind.  Will his stubborn refusal to take heed of anyone and any warning lead to no good? Find out in “I, Stammer – In Disbelief.”

That Crazy Chihuahua

It’s been a while since I followed up on my promise to post adoptable Chi-dogs. I’ve been swamped with the various things that comprise daily life, such as school and work. But I finally remembered (and I apologize on behalf of Josette’s dog Crazy from “Solitude” for my failure to showcase these amazing creatures – who are apparently able to help certain psychotic psychic lesbians connect with the Earth Spirit in the “Solitude universe) for this failure upon my part. So without further ado:  Rosita, a chi-mix so adorable I am seriously tempted to piss off my two cats and my landlord by adopting her myself. You know what? When I was writing the little dog “Crazy” into “Solitude”, I was definitely envisioning a dog that looks like this. She could be in my dream cast for “Solitude”.  Or if you’re in Oakland, well, she could be in your dream cast as a family pet. She’s a cutie-pie, isn’t she? I bet one of you wants to adopt her.



A Little Bit About Me

She has such a beautiful red/brown coat! Rosita is a Chihuahua mix, a Busy Bee who will follow her nose around a world that she finds new and fascinating every day. She is a nice lap size, just nine pounds, and young–only two years old. Rosita is a playful, curious, and trusting canine. Take her for a big festive walk every day; she will always make it interesting. After her jobs are done, she’ll curl up contentedly. Come and meet pretty Rosita at the East Bay SPCA. Pet number 25000.


Where can you find me?

I am at the East Bay SPCA – Oakland location.
You can contact me by

Phone (510) 569-0702
Address 8323 Baldwin Street, Oakland



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