Oh. Smashwords? How cool.

Coming Soon! November 2012!

Coming Soon! November 2012!

I have five different people I am talking to right now about future interviews.. wait…no, six now. Okay, so, cool. Very nice. One of them is actually based out of Oakland so we may have a rare treat in the form of an on camera interview.

So… three of the people who I’ve been talking to about interviews have their works on Smashwords, so I finally checked it out (I know, I’m kinda slow) and it’s pretty awesome. I have Frankenzombie on there for 99 cents right now and I, Stammer for free. I think that might be a good tool for promoting the short story anthology coming out in November.

Have I told you lately that I have a short story anthology coming out in November? No? Well, in that case let me remind you: my fourth book, a short story compilation entitled “Things That Go Bump In My Head” and named after this very blog is coming out in November, just in time for your Christmas Shopping! Or whatever other holiday you may be shopping for, such as Kwanzaa. But the world isn’t actually ending in December, and you will need gifts. In the case the world does end, I formally apologize but no, there will be no post-apocalyptic book purchase refunds if that mediocre movie 2012 turns out to be somehow based in reality. 

I am tired. Is it too late for coffee? No, you say?

Thank you! And without further ado… here I am on Smashwords:


~ by Sumiko Saulson on July 29, 2012.

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