Escaping Our Computer Overlords

This weekend, I went Outside, and Did things, where there was sunshine and exercise and Fun Stuff Going Down. The weekend is just about over, and soon, there will be an interview posted by the extremely talented and very cool writer of  Absolom Rex, K.L. Coones, up later tonight: after I return from Dinner and A Movie. And yes, the movie will he Dark Knight Rises. I kind of wish I was my friend Andres, who is going to see Dead Can Dance, but I didn’t buy tickets and it’s not exactly in my budget. So Dark Knight Rises at $5 Friday at Jack London Square will have to do. Yes. That’s here in Oakland:

Gregory Hug, Jean Quan (Mayor of Oakland) and Sumiko Saulson

Gregory Hug, Jean Quan (Mayor of Oakland) and Sumiko Saulson

Yesterday, I went to the Laurel Street Fair, with my fiance, Greg, my mom, and her friend Seamas. There I am with my fiance, and with Jean Quan, Mayor of Oakland. I am the one with the red hair and the red Batman t-shirt.

KL Coones has also interviewed me: here is the link for that:

I am really tired. But I will post the interview for my part of the Interview Exchange tonight, or tomorrow. I also played Final Fantasy XIII 2 until 4am, did I mention that? Oh… here are some dancers at the Laurel Street Fair here in Oakland getting down… in my neighborhood, because that is how we roll.

Oakland knows how to get down

Oakland knows how to get down

I realize I should be talking about writing more, but I’m tired. I also gardened yesterday. Did I mention that? And I went to a meeting of Wrycrips, a disabled women’s theater group here in Oakland, today, because it meets Sundays at 2pm two or three times a month and today was the day. Here is a picture of me at Wrycrips:

Wrycrips - Disabled women's theater

Wrycrips – Disabled women’s theater

So, I’m going to unplug from the Matrix for a few more hours, and go to the movie and dinner with my Dumbphone, which is not a SmartPhone but a MetroPhone. I will not be blogging from my Dumbphone, because that is damned near impossible. But I will be out getting exercise, and I’ll catch you all later.



~ by Sumiko Saulson on August 12, 2012.

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