Events in October, Sale Today

SFBayView Reading Advertisement color

SFBayView Reading Advertisement color

Wow.  After I got my first book reading, all of the sudden they just started to pour in for October… thanks in part to Serena Toxicat, who introduced me to the hosts of the other two events in October. Serena will be reading with me on October 30th and October 15th, and I have another author TBA reading with me on October 12th.

So… wow! I am really excited.

I have advertisements coming out in the SFBayview, and probably in the Metro, and I like them. So I am showing them to you. Heh. This is what the one in the SF Bayview will look like. Speaking of events, I have an event page on my blog now, and you can get information about my book readings and signings and things there. Here is a convenient link:

Speaking of Advertisements…

A sale! At Lulu! You can buy my books, or any other books for that matter, for 20% off with this coupon code!

20% off! at

20% off! at

~ by Sumiko Saulson on September 5, 2012.

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