October is BIG. Three book readings. One new release.


Photo Glossy Bookmark!

And to promote them, I’ve created this decorative bookmark.Would you like a bookmark? Or perhaps several, so you can let your friends who like books know about my book readings? Let me know… Just give me a contest idea for the “Contest Creation Contest” and I will send you one!

Or… alternatively, ask me nicely, and I will send you one. Or two. Why not? They’re small. You might need extras, for your friends.

But if you enter the contest which has an October 1st Deadline, you will also get the Sumiko Saulson short story of your choice from Smashwords – that means ones that are actually on Smashwords, which are there for a limited time because of course there is something else big coming out in October:

The release of my short story complilation, “Things That Go Bump In Your Head.” After that comes out, well… you can buy the entire book of short stories in eBook or paperback form.

I really should plug that book, which is coming out October 31st just in time for Halloween, more. That’s right: the night after my last October Book Reading there will be a brand new book. There are rumors that there might even be advance copies available at the October 30th reading at Laurel Books.

That’s big, right?

So October, a lot will be going on. Which is why I have a “Contest Creation”

Things That Go Bump In My Head (cover)

contest now, in September, where you, the readers can come up with fantastic ideas for contests for October. And win the Sumiko Saulson paperback of your choice!

What is that you say? Is it because I’m being lazy and feel I am too overloaded to get off my butt and come up with my own contest idea? Why no, of course not! That’s preposterous.

In fact, I came up with my own idea: the Cat Shaming Contest. You aren’t going to actually let me win my own contest, are you? Why, no… you are going to come up with your own, BETTER contest, and surpase my idea. Because it’s the right thing to do.

I’m glad you agree. /whew

The contest is here:


~ by Sumiko Saulson on September 24, 2012.

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