20% off ANY Order! WOW!

Enter the “JEKYLL” code and get 20% off any (or all) of the Lulu editions of my books for a hauntingly good read – just in time for Halloween! The offer is good for the next three days only… through October 26th. You can get any of my full length novels, or my new short story anthology, “Things That Go Bump In My Head”.

“Things” is a mere $12.95 ordinarily, so with this coupon that’s only $10.36!

Also: you can get Lulu books by other great local authors, such as Serena Toxicat, author of “Paper Wings” and “Evangeline and the Drama Wheel”.

What People Are Saying About Things :

“Things That Go Bump In My Head” is a collection of short stories and other writing by horror and science fiction novelist Sumiko Saulson. A bit of old fashioned horror… a ghost story… a couple of works on the dark humor side of horror (and they are unabashedly funny), a science-fiction dystopic tale, a few works of psychological horror… even a bit of poetry. It contains: “Frankenzombie”, “A Life of Her Own”, “Agrippa”, “I, Stammer (In Disbelief)”, “Dead Horse Summer”, “Attempted Happiness” and other short stories. Because it is a collection of these pithy and varied tales… there is a bit for everyone

Things That Go Bump Tombstone

5.0 out of 5 stars Twistedly Precious!

October 19, 2012
By M. E. Valenzuela

I went to sleep pondering if my cats would really feast on my remains…

An offbeat collection of uniquely twisted stories, short but not too much, just perfect for reading on a transit ride or while waiting on something tedious like laundry. Some are tied into other works like ‘Warmth’ others are a bit relf-reflective…all are completely different and I invite you to take it along on a dreary day to liven things up.

From the Introduction:

“Things That Go Bump in My Head” is a delightful trip back to the days of “Old School” horror and ghost stories that combine a walk along the edge of dark humor coupled with a dash of science fiction and psychological horror. Imagine a ride on the combination of a roller coaster and a house of horrors where you do not know what is over the next hill or around the next bend and that is the experience you will get reading Sumiko’s works. ”

– A.L. Peck, author of “Abstract Murder”, from the Introduction to “Things that Go Bump In Your Head

~ by Sumiko Saulson on October 23, 2012.

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