CyberMonday… support independent artists and authors

I just figured out they have something called cyber Monday now that has nothing to do with sex. Weird. It’s for shopping. Like the Black Friday of the Internet. Well, I need money to buy gifts for family members in the great cycle of buying and giving that is the holiday season’s boost to the economy: and I will be buying and giving things from other independent writers, artists, and artisans. So when you buy my book for your giving, you actually help me buy stuff from other artists – such as a local jewelry crafter, Requiem Rose Designs. They have a 50% off sale today.

Original set by Requiem Rose Designs

I’m afraid my advertising budget is a lot lower than the big companies who are putting on a CyberMonday sale – but today only get a signed copy of Warmth for 25% off! That’s $13.13 cents. I’m not just trying to be spooky here – it happens to come to that price. Or a signed copy of the latest, Things That Go Bump In My Head, for only $9.56 (which is also 25% off, but sounds less snazzy). These are SIGNED COPIES, straight from ME, the Author, today only, while supplies last!

Author, desperately shilling books for the holidays.

Lulu is ALSO having a CyberMonday sale, which is actually 30% off – which is more – and you can get any of the books, but, you know, they won’t be signed. Whereas if you get them from me directly, they will be signed. And if you don’t live close buy where you can pick them up, of course you have to pay shipping and handling to me – but if you can pick them up, no S&H. Lulu totally has S&H. But you can buy the books there:

I just decided that I should turn the photo into an actual advertisement. What do you think? Has it benefited through conspicuous Befunky-fication?

What do you think?

~ by Sumiko Saulson on November 26, 2012.

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