The Agrippa Project

Some of you may have read my short-story “Agrippa”, which is a dystopic near-future tale that takes place in an unnamed industrialized nation which was very much like the U.S.A. and other first world countries until it enacts the Dulcetta Reforms, a set of ultra-restrictive laws establishing debtor’s prison, which causes a large number of people – most of them seniors – to go to jail or even face execution if they are not continually working to pay off their debt. It is one of the short stories in my recently released collection, “Things That Go Bump In My Head.

Yesterday I decided to create a comic book adaption of the story, so I picked up a scanner and started scanning in drawings from my art classes and new artwork hand-drawn in my sketchpad.  Here are the first three pages, which are essentially the introduction to this story…

The project will be released online in color, and there will be a black and white print version (trade paperback sized, like the old dime detective stories). Here is some of that artwork.

Page 1 (Color)

Page 1 (Color)

Page 2 (color)

Page 2 (Color)

Page 3 (Color)

Page 3 (Color)

~ by Sumiko Saulson on December 4, 2012.

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