An Interlude between Interviews


Sumiko and Andrea

Sumiko and Andrea

Are you in the Oakland, California area? If you are, my friend Andrea and I are looking for a few more writers to fill out our writer’s group. We will be meeting at 5:30 pm every second Friday at the World Ground Cafe in the Laurel District, so our next meeting is March 8, 2013. If you want to join us, email me at and I can give you further information – or just come look for us, we won’t be the only ones in the cafe but there’s a photo of us so you can find us… and here’s the location of the cafe…

3726 MacArthur Blvd.
Oakland California 94619

And you can find a map and directions on their website:

BCC Voice

bcc-voice_logo2I go to Berkeley Community College (actually, so does Andrea – that’s where we met, although we both live in Oakland. I’m involved with my school paper now, which is pretty cool.  They reprinted my article on “20 Black Women in Horror Writing.” The paper is called the BCC Voice. Technically, it is a newsletter – established by the student body to facilitate better communication between students. It’s editor in chief is Ksenya Yefimchyk – she’s in the same Shakespeare class as I am. If you are a student at BCC and are interested in the BCC Voice, the website is here:

40 and 1 Black Female Horror Writers

black history monthOne of the most popular posts ever on this website (actually – the second most popular – the first most popular having been “Anne Rice regarding the Amazon review“) was “20 Black Female Horror Writers“.  It’s follow up, “21 More Black Female Horror Writers” got about a tenth as many views, but I’m going to try to tweet them some more, with black history has tags (last time they had women in horror hash tags) and see if that helps. And maybe you can repost them, too. Please.

In school today, I talked about this in class and someone asked how many black women there were writing horror fiction, and I said, “I could find forty, not including myself”, so yea… forty, plus me. If there are any I missed well, please let me know. I’d also like to remind you again about the one, which is me. See that PayPal button over there? You can make a donation or, if you like, for only $10 +SH pick up a signed copy of my short story anthology “Things That Go Bump In My Head”, and it will help to pay for things like editors for my books (desperately needed), and me maintaining the internet here at home so I can keep blogging, thank you thank you.

Upcoming Articles

I started about three, but I got caught up with the February interviews. But there will be one called “In Praise of Editors”, another called “Literacy Privilege” and a third one called “There’s a Bad Mood on the Rise” sometime, probably in the next week, in between these interviews.

Thank you.

~ by Sumiko Saulson on February 19, 2013.

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