24 Interviews in 28 Days – Women in Horror Interview Series

Now that Women in Horror Month is coming to a close… I’d like to post a nice round up of the entire Women in Horror Month Interview Series, which can be found hereafter at the permanent link on my site here: https://sumikosaulson.com/women-in-horror-month-2013/ or under WiHM2013 in the side bar. Although some of the interviews were done before February 2013, the majority of them are new, done in the past month. Here they are together in one place (a table of contents, if you will) for your enjoyment.

The Interviews:

Linda Addisonwomeninhorror2013logo-300x290

Darlene Black

Joslyn Corvis

Margarita Felices

Rain Graves

Charlee Jacob

Selah Janel

Hollis Jay

Jemiah Jefferson

Pamela K. Kinney

Leandra Martin

K.R. Morrison

Maria Nieto

Nnedi Okorafor

A.L. Peck

Wendy Pini

J.M. Rankin

Anne Rice

Cinsearae Santiago

Marge Simon

Sumiko Saulson

Gretchen Steen

Serena Toxicat

L. Marie Wood

If you are interested in being interviewed, please see my Interviews page.

The Guest Blogs:

“Things That Go Bump In My Head” is featuring a series of Guest Blogs in honor of “Women in Horror” month:

Joslyn Corvis – On Bullying & Young Writers

Kateryna Fury – On Images of Disability in Horror

Hollis Jay – On Women and Gender Roles in Horror

David Watson – On LA Banks and Octavia Butler

Black Women in Horror Series:

black history monthAdditionally, Sumiko Saulson is composing a list of Black Women in Horror in horror of both Women in Horror Month and Black History Month. She is also interviewing black women in horror for associated with the series.

20 Black Women in Horror Fiction

21 More Black Women in Horror Fiction

On LA Banks and Octavia Butler (Guest Blog)

The Interviews:

Linda Addison

Darlene Black

Jemiah Jefferson

Nnedi Okorafor

A.L. Peck

Sumiko Saulson

L. Marie Wood

~ by Sumiko Saulson on February 27, 2013.

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