Gosh.. what am I doing again?

I photograph art, like this awesome mural by CRP Bay Area

I photograph art, like this awesome mural by CRP Bay Area

So – I got a job working at the Examiner.com, first of all, and if you happen to be in Oakland, I write about the Oakland Art Scene. Oakland, California, USA that is. So check me out:

I write about local visual, performing, musical and literary arts. I get to go to art galleries, coffee houses, bookstores, and other cool places, take photos, and write about them. Yes, kind of like my dream job, right? It is fun.

You can subscribe there if you’d like to follow me. Here is a link to the index:


These articles are all on the many wonderful creative activities in my neighborhood.

So.. that’s one thing I am doing.

Another thing is, this thing:

They said:

“WE WANT YOU. This Sunday, YOU’RE THE GUEST, and that means YOU get to decide what news stories Christopher and Eric will cover during The hor d’Oeuvres segment at the top of the LiveCast! Troll the headlines, post your stories here on the page, and I shall be monitoring how they’re received by the other “Dinner Partiers”. By week’s end, I, Shea Butters, manservant to Christopher and Eric, shall cull the nominees. Help us make this show as listener-generated as possible.

Shea Butters”

So I made this:

ImageSo that on Sunday, you would listen to this:


Another thing I am supposed to be doing is interviewing this guy:

Stephane A. Grilliot, author of

Immolation Finale

Steve Grilliot

Steve Grilliot

The news reports in New Orleans have been quite grim for the past two weeks with stories of what have become known as The Red Lake Murders, a series of killings taking place in the heart of the city. Rumors have spread throughout the city that the victims were all disposed of in a particularly gruesome fashion and that a witch is behind the killings, more specifically, a practitioner of Voodoo. Whether he likes it or not, a paranormal investigator named Dirk is about to be dragged into a daunting series of events that may very well bring him face to face with a killer who abducts his victims off of the streets and murders them in the most horrible ways.

I am also having this contest:




That is all.

~ by Sumiko Saulson on March 27, 2013.

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