Family of five needs your help to move…

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I’m just going to put that right there…

Click on the link to see their story in their own words.

My friends the Petersons are a wonderful couple with three beautiful children who live up in Oregon, and the mother, Shawndra Peterson is a very talented portrait photographer who even living so far away brightens my day on a daily basis with her creative family portraiture. Shawndra’s images are really special because she sees the beauty in folks who may not be considered traditionally beautiful. The couples and children she photographs always look magical, because she’s managed to capture them with her own loving eye.

She is one of the smartest and kindest people I have the pleasure of knowing. Sure, we bump heads sometimes – I’m a Christian and she’s an Atheist and we’re on Facebook posting conflicting ideologies sometimes – but actually she’s respectful to me and to everyone. She’s also very smart.

As for her husband, Rh0ne, why I’ve known him for half my life. I can’t tell you how elated I was for the both of them when I found out these two longtime friends had started a family together. I remember a time when Rhone was worried it might never happen for him.  Now they are one of the happiest families I know. But they have some trouble now. And they need your help.

Now, I am a broke artist in the “starving artist” category so my donation isn’t much right now. I however do have a shelf full of copies of “Things That Go Bump In My Head” which I am willing to give to people as a kind of fundraising incentive, you know like when NPR gives people donor gifts. I guess my donor gift is kind of small, but we do what we can. If you donate $20 or more to the Peterson’s and email me to let me know you did so (or just comment here) and ask for the book, I’ll send a signed copy to you, along with a thank you card.

I would also be really, really happy and touched.

One Love,


~ by Sumiko Saulson on April 19, 2013.

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