Testing out editing and grammar check software

ImageI decided that Grammarly costs too much and I can’t justify it. The deciding point came when the waning battery on my dedicated-to-writing Acer finally totally died, and I found out that the laptop won’t power up on plain old AC from the wall socket without a working battery in there. I figured that out by using a different power cord. So – that being the case, I needed to spend $43 bucks on a half-off priced battery over the internet. That made me realize the $29 a month Grammarly wanted was way out of my price range. Besides, their plug in was constantly losing the server connection when I was trying to use it with MS Word. That made it take forever.

Now, I am trying something called PerfectIt out (30 Day Trial).

So far one thing that I really love about PerfectIt, above MSWord’s built-in features and the Grammarly plug in, is that it is REALLY fast, churning through a 100k + word document. Usually, the checkers choke on these bigger documents. Perfect-it is able to be faster because it breaks down each task: for instance, it checks for inconsistencies in capitalization in one run, pausing before the next task.

Do you have a favorite grammar and spell checking software?

Editors are really valuable. Too bad I can’t afford professional editing. I am going to have to double-check all of my work myself, in some cases first-check it because I don’t have an editor for The Moon Cried Blood. I do have one for Warmth (thank you Aurora Martinez) and Solitude has been partially edited by two people so far. It seems to constantly need more help. Maybe I should just – well, try to help myself this time, if I can.

Either that or I’ll be over on Kickstart, begging for editor funding. lol!

~ by Sumiko Saulson on May 5, 2013.

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