Stop! Grammar Time.

(With apologies to MC Hammer)

Those, those, those commas hit me so hard
Make me scream “Oh dear Lord”
I can’t tell it’s from its
So grammar nazis keep giving me shit
One hundred thousand words are too much
To proofread – I need a crutch

I’m crying and I know
I can’t proof this
I can’t proof this
I can’t proof this

Mainstream publishers give an advance
Indies shake chump change out of their pants
Or pennies that fell under the seat
Begging people to download their eBook free
Grammarly costs a monthly fee
Not a dollar, but damn near thirty
Perfect-It is less than that
It’s ninety-nine bucks in just one crack
But Ginger’s free and not that whack
If your income’s not that much
Then free is a price you can’t touch

~ by Sumiko Saulson on May 8, 2013.

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