The summer issue of Writer’s Muse Magazine is out!



Writer’s Muse Magazine is a free quarterly periodical featuring the works of members of the Writer’s Muse Group, a creative writing group with over 500 members, based on the concept of writers helping writers. 

Writer’s Muse Group was founded by Richard Cotton and can be found on Facebook here:

This issue features writing by: Steve Grilliot, Richard Cotton, Carolyn Saulson, Jane Risdon, Sue Van, Haven Malone, Kay Ziegler, Franchesca Saulson, Jessica Hug, Brian Von R, and Sumiko Saulson.

The Writer’s Muse Page was founded by Richard Cotton in 2012 as a place where writers could meet other writers, and get support and feedback. Originally concieved of as an online writer’s group, the small group of less that twelve people kept expanding. Although the Writer’s Muse Page is an English-speaking group, it includes members from all alround the globe.

The group started with this simple statement:

“The Writer’s Muse Page is a group where writers can share with and support one another. Any writers are welcome to join this group.”

Writer’s Muse Magazine was launched in December 2012 by Sumiko Saulson, the editor of the magazine and one of the adminstrators for Richard Cotton’s Group. The first magazine was a Christmas Holiday edition. After a six month sabatical, the magazine returned for this, the Summer 2013 edition.

Moving forward, the magazine will be quarterly, with Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter issues coming out once every three months. For more information about this free magazine, email Sumiko at

To join the Writer’s Muse Group, visit the Writer’s Muse Page and join here:

Pick up your copy of Writer’s Muse Magazine at Smashwords, here:

On a personal note:

My mom submitted two stories to this issue: she’s in a writing class at school, and reading her writing I really get this feeling that “Wow, that’s where my writing skill came from.” I love her writing. One of her pieces is a work of fiction, and the other is an autobiographical bit about the recent passing of my father… my parents were divorced for years (since I was seven years old) but she has written a very moving piece about how she felt about her children losing their father.

My mom is Carolyn Saulson.

My niece, Franchesca Saulson, contributed a piece, and so did Jessica Hug, she’s my fiance’s sister.  I hope you’ll check out their work and support them – I am very proud of Franchesca and Jessica. Also, I hope you will check out the other stories in this compilation. I really loved Steve Grilliot’s piece. 

This issue contains romance, suspense, and poetry. Check it out, and if you are so inclined, leave a review for the magazine and our Writer’s Muse writers.


~ by Sumiko Saulson on July 8, 2013.

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