Fan Appreciation Day


Sumiko Saulson and Brenda Wood at ManulFest: Brenda is picking out the story for Sumiko to read. Photo by Hobbit Des.

Today is Fan Appreciation Day, and if you haven’t got it yet, you can pick up a free copy of my first book Solitude today and tomorrow only, here:
With this Coupon Code: UA44U

Today is Fan Appreciation Day! In honor of Fan Appreciation Day, today and today ONLY you can download the eBook for my first novel “Solitude” for FREE from Smashwords. That’s right. I said “Free!” And now! For the Fan Appreciation Day Facts! These events have gone down permanently in Sumiko Saulson, author fandom HISTORY!

First Person To Buy a Sumiko Saulson eBook:
Paul Acciavatti

First Person To Buy a Sumiko Saulson paperback:
Misty Beneat

First Sumiko Saulson Fan Art:
Kateryna Fury zombie (for “Warmth”)

Fun Fact: Ever hear my joke “Thanks to all of my fans! Both of them!” and wonder who I was talking about?

That refers to Hobbit Des and Brenda Wood (pictured here, with the artist, at ManulFest) who (as far as I know) are the only people who have read all of my books. If not, they are the first ones who read all of the books.

First Bookstore to Carry My Books:
Laurel Bookstore

First Bookstore to host a Book Reading:
The Book Zoo

~ by Sumiko Saulson on September 9, 2013.

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