Going A.P.E. this Sunday

Going A.P.E….


This Sunday (tomorrow), I’ll be going down to visit day two of the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco. I am just going to check out what everyone else is up to (I’m not tabling or anything), but I am pretty excited about it!

I wish I could have made it down there today… in addition to the regular festivities, they have something called Comic Creator Connection going down right NOW, where artists and writers can get together to work on a comic book with each other. Very positive stuff.

Speaking of collaboration:

Living a Lie

IImage am working on a collaborative piece with my mother, Carolyn Saulson. The first issue of the dramatic comic book (or if you will, serialized graphic novel) is slated for November 1, 2013 release, to concur with the Iconoclast Productions & Sumiko Saulson presence at the Publisher’s Alley at Con-Volution,

“Living a Lie” will have color cover art, but the interior artwork will be black and white. We expect it to be about 40 pages and to run about $4 an issue.

“Living a Lie” is the serialized tale of an unnamed protagonist who goes by a variety of names, most recently Randolph James. Randolph is not who be pretends to be. No one knows his true heritage. No one knows about the time he spent in jail, or in foster care, or that he came from the wrong side of the tracks.

Most of all, no one, not even Randolph himself knows about the strange hereditary powers that he and his mother possess that manifest in their early thirties.

Now Randolph has met a girl, and thoughts of love, even marriage, begin to threaten his carefully weaved illusion. How can he risk falling in love with a woman who doesn’t even know who he really is? How can he find room for romance in his life when he is living a lie?

Promotional Offers:

Tomorrow, Sunday, October 13, 2013 Warmth and The Moon Cried Blood are both FREE for download for the Kindle Reader on Amazon.com – if you don’t have a Kindle, you can download a free Kindle app for your Mac, PC, or Tablet.

The eBook versions of Things that Go Bump in My Head are 50% off on Smashwords.com – that’s just 99 cents! Use the coupon code GN23U. Offer starts today October 12, 2013 expires October 31, 2013 (that’s Halloween).


~ by Sumiko Saulson on October 12, 2013.

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