Beta Readers Wanted: The Moon Cried Blood Series

I’m a good clip into the re-editing process with regards to The Moon Cried Blood, and have reached the stage where I need beta readers. I am happy to say that I’ve gotten three volunteers from my Facebook page. They are currently reading the first installment of what is now “The Moon Cried Blood Series.” This first segment is called “Legend of the Luna.”

What is a Beta Reader?

ImageA Beta Reader is not necessarily the same thing as a proofreader, although proofreading is definitely a plus. A Beta Reader is someone who reads the already proofread and otherwise edited document and gives the author an informal review, which would include pointing out any missed editorial or grammatical issues, certainly… but also to offer feedback on other things that readers care about, like plot consistency and character development.

Your critique will become a part of the road map I put together for my book series, to help it make its journey from its current state moving forward toward its perfected form.

Due to the nature of this project, I will also be looking for feedback on where to start and finish volumes in the series: the original novel was 550, but as it enters its new life as a YA series, it will become either two or three books. You’ll be part of the team that helps make that choice. You’ll receive serialized packages of the story (of 50 or 60 pages each) and give your opinion on where the new, shorter books should begin and end, among other things.

Evolution of “The Moon Cried Blood”

If you’ve been following the ever-evolving tale of “The Moon Cried Blood” from day one, you may recall that during the very earliest Imagedays of this blog, I’d repeatedly insisted that the original, five hundred and fifty page 2012 novel of that title was NOT young adult fiction. To be sure, central protagonist Leticia “Tisha” Gordon was a thirteen year old girl, but that didn’t make it young adult fiction.

Well, I take it all back.

During the period of time when the book was making its rounds as a KDP Select promo eligible eBook, I was able to get enough reader feedback to the contrary that I have finally accepted the fact that it is YA.  The other revelation that came to me during that review process was that the 550 page length is much too long for both the eBook format and the newly adopted Young Adult genre.

The book will be divided into either two 300 odd page books or three 200 odd page books. I haven’t decided yet. You help me decide.

Evolution of “Legend of the Luna”

Image“Legend of the Luna” is a revamping of the part of the story “The Moon Cried Blood” that introduces us to the Lunae, a bloodline of powerful witches who according to legend inherit their power from Luna, the Mother Moon, and the spirit of her daughter Leticia. Into every other generation of the Lunae families is born a daughter who inherits these powers, and is always named Leticia. The girls do not come into their powers until the time of their menarche or first menstruation.

The year is 1975 and a new Luna has been Awakened.

Thirteen year old Leticia Gordon is unique in that she is both the daughter and the granddaughter of a Luna, something that only happens when a young which comes from more than one of the Luna bloodlines. Living a hard knock life on the urban streets of a pre-bicentennial era Los Angeles, this Leticia, who is known as Tisha to her friends and loved ones, has no idea of who she is or the power she is about to come into.

Can you Beta Read?

I will need Beta Readers for each installment of the Chronicles of the Moon Cried Blood. Readers are welcome to follow the entire series, or to just come on board for one segment. All of the Beta Readers will be credited in the eBook and print editions that result from this project.

If you can Beta read, please email me at


~ by Sumiko Saulson on January 18, 2014.

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