Killer Romance

“Killer Romance” is from my short story anthology “Things that Go Bump In My Head,” which also includes a bit of poetry.

Killer Romance

Spoken Word Poetry

By Sumiko Saulson

People love, you know…

We do love, untrue love,

and there are puppies and kittens,

chubby babies who don’t

have bows…

and arrows…

All trivialized in February

(that was my grandpa’s birthday)

Because they are now

Iconic representations

of an infatuation

More impure than

The sweet-smelling rose

We chose

To kill, to represent…

Incense, sickly sweet

I have allergies

It makes me sick

It reeks…

like a grape-favored cigarillo

And I know that you know

When it lies…

I like the natural

look of love

You know, the way it is.

I said I was tired

And you didn’t keep me

Up all night…

Almost like you recognized

I was a human being

With needs

Like sleep

To me, that is love.

But I am not


It makes me sick

Like if sex is good

You don’t always have to

Talk about it

You’re too busy

Doing it…

And love is like that

If you do love

True love

Not just constantly hot

New love…

It’s real.

Like a kitten, not a card

Like a baby, not a cupid

Like a grandpa, not a holiday

Like a real, live, rosebush

It lives because

You tend it

Like a garden

I water my garden

I don’t just

Write poems to it

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~ by Sumiko Saulson on February 14, 2014.

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