Nineteen More Black Women in Horror Writing (List 3)

Black Women in Horror 2014 List

ImageFebruary is Black History Month here in the United States. It is also Women in Horror Month (WiHM). In 2013, I put together two lists of Black Women in Horor Writing, and published them on this blog.  This year I am following up with a list of 19 more women, for a total of 60. I am working on a free eBook, 60 Black Women in Horror Writing, which will combine the three lists. and include my interviews with some of the women on these lists.

Every February, Women in Horror Recognition Month (WiHM) assists underrepresented female genre artists Imagein gaining opportunities, exposure, and education through altruistic events, printed material, articles, interviews, and online support.  You can find out more about WiHM here:

Here are some the two previous lists:

Twenty Women in Black Horror Writing (List One)

Twenty One More Women in Black Horror Writing (List Two)

Paula D. Ashe

ImageDark fiction writer Paula D. Ashe writes about vampires, zombies, and a girl who finds out she is the embodiment of the apocalypse. She has three novels to her credit, “Silore’s Story,” “Through Silver in Blood,” and “Positions of Trust.” She is also the creator of the graphic novels “The Children of Gods and Other Miscreants,” and “Chalice.”

Dicey Grenor

ImageThe author of the “Narcoleptic Vampire Series”, novellas with darkly twisted, sexy stories of vampires, werewolves, and supernatural fetish clubs. Don’t let the erotic content fool you: Dicey isn’t hold backing when it comes to the gore, violence, and disturbing content horror fans tend to expect, and love stories may be present but aren’t the core of her stories.

Anna Sanders

Anna SandersDark fantasy writer Anna Sanders published by Red Iris Books, is the author of the“Befallen Tides” series, which follows Winx, a type of demon called a daevor. It contains titles such as “Darkness Uprising” and “Challenged by Darkness.” She wrote “Fire Licked,” about an affair between a shape-shifter and a demon. She was in the dark fantasy anthology “Blood Iris 2012.”

Eden Royce

Eden-RoyceParanormal fiction author Eden Royce has contributed short stories to over a dozen horror publications, and is the author of two novellas. “Containment,” her dark fantasy novella, is the compelling story of a power plant run by a quarter-demon named Feast that operates on energy supplied by the spirits of the dead.

Janiera Eldridge

Janiera EldridgeOne of the newest additions to the world of black women writing horror, Eldridge writes horror, thriller, dark paranormal, and mystery novels and released her first novel, “Soul Sisters” in 2012. Since, she has written “Dark Expectations,” and “Good Ghost Gone Bad,” and “Soul Sisters,” has gone on to become a vampire fiction trilogy.

Pheare Alexander

Pheare AlexanderThe author of “Str8 Laced” and “Lot 9,” Ms. Alexander boldly occupies a niche within the horror genre that is traditionally both extremely male dominated and written for male audiences, that gory sub-genre filled with brutal dismemberments, slashers and serial killers known as “extreme horror.” Her theatrical internet presence reflects her image, complete with a frightening backstory for her pen-name and a bloody-handed demon-eyed self-portrait as her Twitter avatar for the cleverly-named account @doyouknowpheare? As her website tagline warns audiences, “I do not write horror. I write fear.”

Allison Hobbs

allisonhobbsBest known for her works of erotic fiction, Allison Hobbs has written two adult horror novels, “The Sorceress” and “The Enchantress,” in addition to her recent release of a young adult paranormal trilogy under the pen name Joelle Sterling. The tale of Jonas, an undead teenager who immigrates from Haiti to the United States, where he finds love, romance, and wars between vampires, witches, and zombies, is told in the novels “Midnight Cravings,” “The Dark Hunger,” and “Forbidden Feast.”

Faye McCray

faye mcrayMcCray is author of a series of short horror stories on Kindle, “Dani’s Belts,” about a college student surviving the zombie apocalypse, and a novel “Boyfriend.” She has contributed to Madame Noire, Black Girl Nerds, Black and Married with Kids and Rachel in the OC. She is working on her second novel, “her second, Six Ways to Die”

Virginia Hamilton

virginahamiltonShe received the Edgar Alan Poe Award for “The House of Dies Drear,” a ghost story that took place in a house that was a stop on the Underground Railroad. Her paranormal romance “Sweet Whispers, Brother Rush” about a fourteen year old girl who embarks on a journey of self-discovery after meeting a handsome ghost won the Coretta Scott King Award. The wildly prolific author of juvenile fiction published more than forty books multiple genres and won every major award in children’s literature.

Donna Monday

donnamondayThe author of the adult vampire romance series “Best Black Vampire Story,” consisting of two books, “The Best Black Vampire Story You’ve Ever Read,” and “Best Black Vampire Story – Bloodlust, Dangerous Secrets and Fatal Attraction.” The first title is also available as an audio book.

Valjeanne Jeffers

Valjeanne JeffersAuthor of the “Immortal” erotic horror series, which includes Immortal, Immortal 2: The Time of Legend, Immortal 3: Stealer of Souls, and Immortal IV: Collision of Worlds. She is also the author of The Story of Eve (nonfiction), The Switch II: Clockwork, Grandmere’s Secret and Colony.

Melinda Michelle

Melinda MichelleA writer of religiously inspired supernatural fiction, she is the author of a series of novels called “Chronicles of Warfare,” depicting the ages old battle between good and evil, and individuals who fight to survive against demonic influences with the help of angels. She also wrote the short horror story “You Can Never Leave,” available electronically on Amazon.

Claudia Mair Burney

claudia mair burneythe author of “The Exorsistah” series, following the trials and travails of Emme Vaughn, a young black exorcist who must face demons of both the literal and metaphysical sort and is being haunted by a mysterious ghost. She is also author of the Amanda Bell Brown mystery series, and has written romances and religious inspirational stories.

A.D. Koboah

AD KoboahBritish novelist A.D. Kobah is of Ghanaian descent. She is the author of “The Darkling Trilogy,” whose protagonist Luna was a slave in Mississippi in the early 1800s when she attracted the attention of an evil bloodsucking entity. She also wrote “Peace,” about a heroin addict struggling with self-destructive urges and demons from the past.

Ann Fields

Ann FieldsThe author of “Fuller’s Curse,” about an African American family with a terrible legacy; the legend of BlackHeart, and a curse that is causing members of this family to die horrible deaths, one by one. She is also the author of several romance titles on Arabesque under the pen name Anna Larence.

Robin Green

Robin GreenThe author of the psychological horror series “Terror Text,” two novellas about a serial killer who uses cellphone text messages to harass his teenage victims before forcing them to watch one another’s suffering, and “The Day after Yesterday,” a sci-fi thriller about three boys who find marbles that grant them visions and may have greater powers still.

L.M. Davis

lm-davisAn author of young adult paranormal fiction, science fiction and dark fantasy, Ms. Davis successfully applies a horror overlay to her young adult science-fiction series “Skinless,” where a teenage alien finds her mother abducted by intergalactic bogeymen. “Shifters” is another series that deals with paranormal topics.

Arielle Crowell

Arielle CrowellThe author of “Deadly Magnolia,” the story of Nicodemus LaCroix, a serial killer who may have met his match. After his wife’s sudden death, he finds out the hard way that her family has deep ties to the Haitian voodoo community. She also wrote “Monster,” which is about more human horrors, and “Mr. Undesirable.”

Crystal Connor

crystalconnorSci-Fi and horror writer Crystal Connor began writing tales of the things that strike fear in the hearts of men during her time serving overseas in the US Navy.  Travel to Africa, Asia and the Middle East while in the service helped her to learn of creatures from other countries that sparked her imagination. Her first novel is “The Darkness.”



Ashlee Blackwell is not a horror writer as far as I know, but she is a socio-cultural media writer who blogs about black women in horror and runs a site galled Graveyard Shift Sisters that is about black women in all aspects of the horror genre, not just writing. She’s also the founder of Philly Loves Women in Horror, a film screening event that showcases films by women horror filmmakers. Check out her website!

Coming Soon: 60 Black Women in Horror Writing

I am working on a complied eBook of the three lists, and the interviews I have done with women on the list on this blog. It will be available before the end of this month. It will be in alphabetical order. I’ll make the eBook available via first. The eBook will be free.

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  3. Oh my gosh, I just found out from a friend that I was on this list! I am so incredibility honored I don’t even know what to do with myself. Wow, to be mentioned in the same breath as these women is truly humbling.

    For your free eBook, 60 Black Women in Horror Writing, I would like to donate a short story from my horror anthology. Thank you again for creating this list, now off to grow my ‘to read’ pile =D

  4. […] – this is a great site that celebrates black women in horror and their fans. Sumiko Saulson offers a sizable list of women of colour involved in the genre and is planning an anthology that explores their work […]

  5. I’m searching for the author and title of a horror novel featuring the Schomburg museum collection and souls disappearing.
    Please tell me this is an actual book I read.
    Thank you

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