The Moon Cried Blood project update

Let me begin by saying that Sunday, I was very fortunate to have had The Moon Cried Blood project discussed at length on The Dinner Party Show. You can hear the show right here:

You’re the Guest Episode – The Dinner Party Show

In light of this, I wanted to post an update on the progress with regards to the project:

First of all, we have an editor connected to the project now. Michael Reikowsky. Like most of my Beta Reading team, Michael is someone I met through The Dinner Party Show. He is  a very detail oriented reader with a wonderful understanding of plot consistency and language, and I have every confidence in him. He is not afraid to be honest in his assessment or offer constructive criticism and he doesn’t pull any punches, exactly what I would want in a editor. One of the functions of a good editor is to point out any blind spots I may have in relation to my own project.

In his words:

“I will say this. We have a process in place.  All hail and bow down to “the process”.  Seriously though. This is going to be fun kids, in a slightly masochistic way. Ongoing input from the other beta readers will be critical. I’m very much looking forward to this project.”

We also have a team of beta readers, many of whom are also friends from the Dinner Party Show. Phillip Cohen, Greg Wilkey, Taletha Wagoner, and Buffie Peterson are all from the Dinner Party Show.  You can see their bios in my previous post. My friends from elsewhere who are beta reading are Kymberly Rico-Ward, Natalya Fay, and James P Anderson. My friend Tinkerbell is going to ask her teenage kid to beta read because hey, it’s a young adult title.

I also can thank Beth Johnson and M Blau Bockstiegel for helping me to get the Spanish language into the story in appropriate spots.

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