Prayers and Thoughts for Greg Wilkey&His Family: RIP Alicyn

I am also very saddened by the loss of Alicyn Wilkey, a kind person, a thoughtful friend, and the wife of a good friend of mine. Eloquence escapes me at this point so I’m happier to reblog. Grief is such a personal thing. This happened very suddenly, and she was very young – she was only 42. This is a terrible tragedy. They were a very, very close couple and had been high school sweethearts before they married, they were married over twenty years.

A Bibliophile's Reverie

I’m going to keep this short. But, I wanted to relay this message to all my dear readers of this book blog. I am in so much shock, as is everyone the knew Greg Wilkey, through Anne Rice’s fantastic, loving Facebook page.  Having reviewed his Mortimer Drake series here on my blog, interviewed him about his books, and talked with him at great length through Facebook, I feel that it is only appropriate to share this very, very tragic news about his wife’s passing. He is a very, very talented author, an adept wordsmith, and his wife certainly shared that same creative talent in the area of culinary arts.

Please keep Greg Wilkey and his family in your prayers, thoughts! Now, I am sharing this beautiful reading of John Donne’s “Death, Be Thou Not Proud, from the film Wit,with the poetic grace of the talented British actress: Emma Thompson. As…

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~ by Sumiko Saulson on March 1, 2014.

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