Support your local bookstore

I am proud to announce that The  Green Arcade in San Francisco is now on the long list of Bay Area bookstores that carry my paperbacks.  Koham Press in Vallejo and Sundiata Bookstore in Oakland are two other recent additions. The entire list of Bay Area bookstores that carry my titles can be found here:

The Green Arcade

The Green Arcade

Brick and mortar bookstores are important to the reader, and local bookstores are important to neighborhoods. They enrich our culture.  For many, there is nothing that can replace the experience of the physical book in hardcover or paperback, the discovery of new authors and titles in the aisles of well-lit, tidy spaces with their comforting aroma of wood, leather and paper as well as dimly-lit corners of undiscovered literature in crowded stacks smelling vaguely of mustiness and dusty respite.

They are more than just book repositories, they are also the primary venues at which authors interact on a personal level with our readers. Writers, whether internationally famous or local and unknown, tour bookstores the way musicians hit nightclubs and concert halls, and painters present their works in cafes and galleries. Book readings and signings occur within these hallowed halls, but over the past decade, bookstores are increasingly losing traction to electronic books.

Please support your local bookstore.

~ by Sumiko Saulson on May 6, 2014.

2 Responses to “Support your local bookstore”

  1. Your lucky you have so many. I live in a smaller city and we don’t have a lot of locally owned book stores. Congratulations on getting your books in more places.


    • Well, they aren’t all in the same city, but the same geographic area… they are all within a 30 mile radius around the Bay Area. I live in Oakland, my mom in Berkeley, my niece in San Francisco, and my brother in Vallejo so they are cities either I or my relatives live in. Vallejo is relatively small, population of 117k. The bookstore that just opened there is the first one in 20 years, so that’s pretty exciting! For a long time, it didn’t have one. Benicia is a smaller adjacent town.

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