Listen to me read zombie haiku on the [internet] radio

You can listen to the episode here:


Zombie Haiku

This is what bestselling novelists Christopher Rice and Eric Shaw Quinn said the show was about:

Zombie haiku! Crazy pick up lines. A MOMMY DEAREST reboot? A pill that might prevent new HIV infections. It’s all on the table on this edition of YOU’RE THE GUEST. Christopher and Eric field a deluge of voicemails from the show’s Party Line (323-PEZ-TDPS), and the resulting topics are far-reaching, wide-ranging and insanity-inducing. (Also, Christopher spends most of the show making every topic about him.)

This is what I said about it:

Thank you, thank you…. everyone needs to listen to this show and hear my on the air reading of zombie haiku from “Things That Go Bump In My Head” – if you click on the affiliate store before you buy my book, then TDPS will get their 2 cents or whatever from Amazon, I think. I’m not sure. “Science”. I should probably ask Jordan Ampersand.

If that isn’t enough Sumiko Saulson for you, they answered my question about writing (which has to do with how to get your characters’ voices out of your head between writing projects, and Taletha Wagoner recommend the book I’m writing (which she describes as alien porn – it’s not, but there is at least one freaky qualifying sex scene, I suppose). And Amy Bellino is on the show asking about Eric and starting cat fights too.

This is the link for the aforementioned affiliate store.

Although my books aren’t there, if you click on another book and just kind of toss mine in the shopping cart, they’ll totally get the commission. The paperbacks are like $10 or $12 bucks and the eBook is $1.99.


~ by Sumiko Saulson on June 23, 2014.

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