It Is Dark Here and I Hold Horror In My Hands…

Catching up with Paula D Ashe

dust and shadow

…the above is from an earlier draft of a published story. I couldn’t think of a good subject title, so I tried to find something ‘evocative’.

Anyway, I’m having a good writing year so far. I’m hesitant to say that because despite my humanism I can’t help but feel a little superstitious about the creation, reception, and publication of my work. I don’t want to jinx anything. However, three of my stories were published in JWK Fiction Best of Horror 2013; “Because You Watched”, “Bereft”, and “The Mother of All Monsters”.  It’s a huge honor to be recognized in any ‘best of’ collection, but particularly this one since many of the writers included are personal friends and favorite writers; Chantal Noordeloos, Lily Childs, James Ward Kirk, KZ Morano, Roger Cowin, and James S. Dorr.

I also had “All the Hellish Cruelties of Heaven”…

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~ by Sumiko Saulson on October 11, 2014.

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