So wow… this totally happened.

Anne Rice Plugs My Amazon Page

Anne Rice totally plugged my Amazon page on her Facebook page right now. I’m like, dying here. In combination with someone (Amy Bellino) calling me their favorite horror writer (/collapse, fan self, on) and Graveyard Shift Sisters mentioning me in the same tweet as Taranative Due, this is like, my most exciting week ever. Its even more exciting than that time I met Bruce Campbell at a book signing. Or stood around babbling nonsense at Con-Volution because the Pinis addressed me by my first name. It’s even (slightly) more exciting than when Anne Rice’s freakishly tall gay son Christopher gave me a hug and probably a cold and sold me some bisexual pornography, or that time Taletha Wagoner stood in front of me screaming while Morgue tortured himself in front of a live audience at Venice Beach Freakshow… and we were like two feet away… but, I digress.

This reminds me that it’s Black Friday and you can totally buy books on sale at Amazon, and other places, like Barnes and Noble where they are 20% off, or Lulu where they are 35% off, and there is a sale at Laurel Bookstore in Oakland which, like these other places, totally carries my books – and books of actual bestsellers, like Anne Rice. So go forth, and foist books upon your friends for the holidays.

~ by Sumiko Saulson on November 28, 2014.

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