I’ll be at Convolution with hot copies of the 3rd “Happiness and Other Diseases” book

Lori Titus​, Bret Alexander Sweet​, Emerian Rich​, and MOI will be panelists at Con-Volution which is October 2-4 at Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport​. Honored guests and featured guests include actual famous people, like Balogun Ojetade. This year’s Con-Volution is “Legion of Fandom” and it’s all about diversity in fandom. Which is awesome!

So say, you’re a fan of ME, Sumiko Saulson, author​.

You can get a $5 discount on a ticket to Con-Volution if you use the code: SumikoS15

And you purchase your badge between August 1st through August 17th. That’s going to cost you $50 for an ALL WEEKEND PASS. Totally worth it. For real.

Also, the THIRD BOOK in the “Happiness Happiness and Other Diseases​” trilogy, “Insatiable”, is coming out October 1, 2015 which means copies of it WILL BE AVAILABLE for $10 mass market, $15 standard paperback, $25 hardcover.

But if you should happen to be so danged hardcore in your Sumiko Saulson fandom that you’d show up in a Sumiko Saulson character cosplay, I will totally sign and give you a $15 book for free. Like on the spot. And take a gazillion photos with you. And possibly love you forever and ever.

Characters You Might Want To Be

You don’t know what my characters look like, you say. Well fine. Here are some.


Warmth4Sera is a 600 year old pregnant ghoul. She’s a Spanish Moor and in case you didn’t know it, she’s of African and Middle Eastern ethnic heritage, but it’s cosplay so you can totally dress like her no matter what race you are, or if you are a dude, I don’t care, just please don’t wear black face when you do it, Sumiko don’t like that. She carries two scythes. She wears a long black cloak. A zombie chewed her eye out, so she has facial scars and a bad ass eyepatch. She got a few tats on her face to minimize the appearance of her scars, but they aren’t very prominent. She’s got further scars from back when she had small pox – kinda looks like acne. She sharpened her teeth like a shark, to make it easier to eat human flesh. She looks about nineteen. She’s hella cool. You should totally read the book, Warmth, so you can be just like her when you grow up.

Charlotte Metaxas



Charlotte is a demigoddess, the daughter of one of the Greco-Roman dream deities called the Oneiroi. Morpheus is the most famous of the Oneiroi, but that’s not her father. Her dad’s name is Brash, and he totally pretended to be Morpheus to seduce Charlotte’s mother Maribelle back in the 80s, because Maribelle was a big Neil Gaiman fan. Like the Oneiroi, Charlotte presents in the dream world as a human with big, black wings. She’s a goth chick. She loves purple and black stripped stockings. She has purple or partially purple hair. Is she Greek? Yeah, she’s Greek and Persian, duh, she’s a Greco-Roman demigoddess. She has facial piercings: an eyebrow ring, a lip ring, and a nose ring. You should probably just buy the book Happiness and Other Diseases.



This would be especially challenging since (SPOILER ALERT)

X’ahsia is not human. In fact, X’ahsia is not even a single organism, but a collection of microscopic alien beings that have gathered together to form a single hive-mind entity. Although physically agender, X’ahsia eventually decides to identify as male, but is at various and sundry points genderfluid. He’s color-adaptive, more like a mood ring than a chameleon, and is variously purple, green or blue. He made his body sort of vaguely stereotypically Grey Alien like, but not entirely. Yeah, that’s him on the cover. He can shape shift – he was a rat once. He can possess people’s bodies. His eyes are described (in the unpublished sequel) as large, ovular orbs that tip up on the exterior edges, pure gold in color with flecks of bright shining metallic particles. Anyway, you should probably just read the book Solitude.

“Red” Montgomery

Ashes and Coffee, a horror tale with a gritty look at homelessness in modern day California.  But is Death any better?

Red is a nineteen year old African American punk rock girl who sports a red mohawk and favors short, plaid skirts, combat boots, fishnets, and t-shirts with snarky sayings that have something to do with death. She’s being stalked by death, we’re not sure why yet. I mean I can’t be spoilering my own book. At some points in this story, she’s homeless, so her look may be a bit grungy. She’s totally Berkeley and she’s also a lesbian in case you didn’t know. Anyway you should totally buy this book Ashes and Coffee. So you can get it right!

Nomi, or Nolan


Nomi and Nolan are both characters from “Insatiable,” which is Book Three in the series. I called it the Somnalia series, but I’m rethinking that since Somnalia is the second book. Happiness and Other Diseases was the first. Nomi is a werepig or akmani – that’s her on the cover. She is a short person – a bit under 5 feet tall in her akmani form. In her akmani form, she has short, black fur, and jet black eyes. Yes, she does have a long, black ponytail. Here’s another picture of her that Josh Bisher made:

Nomi Josh Bisher

Nolan is a tall, very thin, very pale guy with completely silver eyes (not irises, the entire eyeball) who is variously, completely hairless, or with very short, white hair. He no longer looks entirely human. Also, he’s blind. And perverted. If you’ve read the book (which, only my editor and beta readers have) you know that when this character is introduced, he’s being used as a pincushion by the arch villain, so he may or may not be covered in straight pins at some point. If you were feeling really gung-ho.

Phobetor (or perhaps, Flynn Keahi)

somnalia christoper anthony

Phobetor is an actual Greco-Roman god, the god of nightmares. He has many forms, one of which looks like a scary ass mangled dead tree, and several of which are animals, since he is also the god of the werebeasts for some reason. He is being portrayed by my hunky cousin Christopher in this photo. In Book 2 of the Somnalia/Happiness and Other Diseases series, Phobetor is a very tall, muscular but on the slimmer side, incredibly ectomorphic black guy who has big, black Oneiroi wings, is built, well… like a god, and doesn’t wear very much clothing. He is whatever age he feels like being, because he’s a god.

Now, that’s actually Flynn on the book cover he’s holding. I don’t want to spoiler alert my own book, but that thing that looks like a big snake tattoo on his chest is in fact, ALIVE. You know, just to make sure there are no spoilers, maybe you should READ THE BOOK, Somnalia

~ by Sumiko Saulson on July 31, 2015.

3 Responses to “I’ll be at Convolution with hot copies of the 3rd “Happiness and Other Diseases” book”

  1. Sounds good! (Too bad I can’t go 😦 ) This reminds me, I wanted to send you some of my postcards for either your table or a flyer area. Could you still take that on? Gracias.

    • Well I am not tabling, I’m a panelist, so to the best of my understanding, I’ll just have one day where I might have a signing, like at BayCon. But if HorrorAddicts has a table, I can ask them. They usually let me put stuff on their table,

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