Dreamworlds Graphic Novel

dreamworlds color cover

After a breakups and a series of bad starts, author Sumiko Saulson is trying to heal. So is Flynn Keahi, one of her fictional characters. Her life changes completely when Flynn abandons the paranormal romance she’s cast him in, and demands that they both go to group therapy to fix their dysfunctional relationships. Once the two become intimately involved, Sumiko raises concerns their relationship it isn’t healthy. Flynn grows increasingly touchy about her assertion that he isn’t real. This is complicated further when Sumiko is flooded with requests from other imaginary personalities demanding to join in the conversation.

The dark fantasy/horror comic “Dreamworlds” is a spin-off of the dark fantasy/horror novel series “Somnalia”… in “Dreamworlds,” Flynn Keahi, the hero of “Happiness and Other Diseases” and the rest of the Somnalia series, approaches it’s author Sumiko Saulson in the wake of a failed long term relationship. He begins expressing concerns about the dynamic of his own relationship with Charlotte Metaxas, his love interest in Somnalia. Sumiko is more than a little impatient with him, because in order to communicate with her, he’s possessing her body.



Dreamworlds is a 60 page, black and white comic book, color cover (back and front covers featured above) with forward and back material written in character by Flynn and Sumiko, and include the award-winning essay “Character Flaws,” which took third place in the Carry the Light award for best blog post in 2016.

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~ by Sumiko Saulson on September 15, 2016.

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