You know what’s worse than white feminism? Jef Rouner’s mansplaining.

Here’s my response to Jef Rouner‘s statement “You know what’s worse than white feminism? Staying silent.”
That’s true, but the need for feminism is no excuse for white women to trot out the same victimhood card they’ve been using to shut down white men, and beat women of color over the head with it in order to silence our unique voices.
Furthermore, considering that white women are the ones who pushed Trump into office, I think we can tone down the victim blaming that embodies white feminism a little bit if we try hard.
Why are black women and disabled women being relegated to the sidelines? We can lead all by ourselves. Toni Morrison isn’t trying to lead your feminist revolution – she has her own revolution to lead – and she currently has a bigger audience than Gloria Steinem.
Conversely, the same people who bitch about POC asking them to be more inclusive bitch about how pop stars are doing it wrong. Madonna, Beyonce, Emma Watson, and other public figures who embrace and espouse feminism are being told by the old guard they are doing it wrong. It’s like the old 80s sex-positive versus Andrea Dworkin style feminism arguments are coming back to roost. It’s like no one ever read A Handmaid’s Tale, Margaret Atwood’s loving treatise about how the sex-shamey puritanical face of separatist feminism might bite us in the ass.
One of your commenters suggests that WOC should become educators, patiently holding the hands of the white feminists instead of telling them they are doing it wrong. But how can we be educators when people are unwilling to hear our voices?
Isn’t it better for us to just speak to our own audiences, and avoid bumping heads with people who have no desire to listen to us anyway?

~ by Sumiko Saulson on February 9, 2017.

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  1. Yes.

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