Help Save the SF BayView Newspaper!


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GoFundMe campaign to support the Bay View is ‘trending’

According to GoFundMe, the campaign we launched on Dec. 23 is “trending” because it’s raised $1,295 toward our $10,000 goal in only three days. To join in, go to Sharing that link on Facebook and Twitter and by email is another great way to help.

The need is extremely urgent. The December rent and printing bill are still unpaid, and they add up to $4,900 (the cost of printing just went up).

If you can help but want to avoid GoFundMe, or if you want your donation to be tax deductible (to our 501(c)(3) arm), call the Bay View any time, at 415-671-0789.

To encourage you and all those you can share this with to help, Paradise, Oakland’s iconic poet, bless him, wrote this cheerful pitch:

The Bay View is our Freedom Train, our Underground Railroad


by Richard Moore, aka Paradise Freejahlove Supreme

Stop! Stop whatever you are doing Right Now! And send $5 (five dollars) to the San Francisco Bay View. Ten dollars or twenty dollars would be better. One hundred dollars would be best! But five dollars is within nearly everyone’s capacity. And at least five dollars from you is needed to save the Bay View.

If you have gotten anything out of this Paper Train, this decades-long labor of love, NOW is the time for the Big Payback!

Think about it: The Bay View is our present day Underground Railroad, our Freedom Train! Full of freedom riders! Freedom writers! And freedom fighters!

The Bay View Love Train goes into the darkest and most desolate dungeons, the poorest and most depressed neighborhoods and breaks chains and frees minds and feeds souls and saves lives! And provides a bright beacon of hope during times of great despair.

If you have never, ever sent not one red cent to The View!?#$%! Now Is the Time. Time to break that piggy bank, pass around that church collection plate and donate.


Lumukanda, local sage and one of our distinguished Elders, who used to own The Key Bookshop and thousands of books in downtown Oakland in the pre-gentrification days, says we need more brothers and sisters engaged in what he calls Black Betterment Works! The San Francisco Bay View has been engaged in Black Betterment Works since its inception in 1976!

Why are we allowing this Distinguished Elder, the Bay View newspaper, a community servant for over four decades, go unsheltered, unclothed, unfed and left out in the winter cold having to beg for spare change?

Are we really the most Conscious Community in America? Is the San Francisco Bay Area really the Last Bastion of Democracy!?! Not for long if we shamefully, unconscionably and neglectfully let this Lone Voice of Truth in the wilderness of Corporate Media propaganda and gerrymandering breathe its last breath!

I know people who have been doing Kwanzaa for 20 years and still act like they don’t know the meaning of Ujima – collective work and responsibility – and Ujamaa – cooperative economics. But I never expected the whole Bay Area to be a mere charade for Kwanzaa! Has Queen Mother, Sister Makinya’s work here been in vain?

2018 promises to be one of the most incredible years ever! And The View will not only be at the forefront of breaking news that you won’t get anywhere else, but we will be making some of that breaking news (!) if your generosity sees fit that we are still here!

Hopefully you will … Do the Right Thing!

Paradise is president of the International Black Writers & Artists Local 5 in Oakland and was honored by the City of Oakland with “Paradise Day,” on Oct. 6, 2007. Find him on Facebook at Paradise Freejah Love Supreme.

~ by Sumiko Saulson on December 27, 2017.

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