Extended Call for Submissions to Wickedly Abled

Wickedly Abled CoverDark fantasy, sci-fi and horror by disabled authors featuring disabled protagonists.

Tired of future worlds so-called utopias where disabled people have been erased by eugenic scientists? Dreaming of science-fiction that properly labels such depictions as dystopias for those of us who are physically and neurologically atypical? Are you sick of horror stories where mutation, mental illness, and deformity are signs of inherent evil? Are you interested in dissecting the way in which old tropes about disability informed the oldest of fairy tales and camp side stories? Do you want to demystify disabilities that have been considered by the able- bodied as signs of some sort of curse? Challenge the abliest and saneist realms which have plagued world-building in fantasy, horror, science-fiction and fairy tale mythologies since the dawn of mankind?

Are you a disabled author? Do you want to turn you distinct view into something wickedly political, bitingly political, darkly funny, and disturbingly heart-wrenching or atypically challenging to norms? Then perhaps you are one of the Wickedly Abled.

Wickedly Abled is a dark speculative fiction anthology challenging well-worn tropes depicting disabled persons in solely villain or victim roles by promoting darker themed works of fantasy, sci-fi and horror by authors with disabilities artists which feature disabled protagonists.

Wickedly Abled is the brainchild of Sumiko Saulson, the editor of and mind behind the best-selling horror anthology Black Magic Women, a showcase of eighteen different black female horror writers from the African Diaspora on Mocha Memoirs Press.

Looking for 1,500 to 5,500 words in length short horror and dark fantasy by disabled authors. Paying $10 flat and an eBook copy, plus offering unlimited at-cost print books to authors in the anthology.  Previously unpublished original work preferred, but we will consider reprints if the original work is currently out of print and has been for over a year. Please let us know if it is a re-print. No simultaneous submissions. We will want exclusive e-publication rights for one year (first publication rights if it’s unpublished).

Please submit it as a .doc or .rtf or .txt document, double spaced, 12 pt, Times New Roman or similar, to sumikoska@yahoo.com

Deadline: May 31, 2019

Cover art by Lillian Rose Asterios

~ by Sumiko Saulson on April 1, 2019.

4 Responses to “Extended Call for Submissions to Wickedly Abled”

  1. I have self published a collection of short horror stories and poems and I believe a couple of the stories would be perfect for this for though I am a male writer the story centers around women and I am a disabled author as well

    • I am very interested in stories by and about disabled people and its fine if the story’s about someone who isn’t the same gender as you. I’ll be happy to consider a reprint from a self-published work.

  2. Would totally throw my stuff at this but it is WAY too long.

    • How long is it? I am probably gonna have to extend again – and I have gotten a work that is 7,500 which I just approved because I needed more good stories. So the guidelines are likely to get a re-write too. Great project idea that is taking time to get the word out on.

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