Scry of Lust Book Launch Party

Scry of Lust Cover

Dark and seductive, alluring and imaginative, perverse, shocking, and at times hilarious—Scry of Lust is an arousing collection of erotica, paranormal romance, sexy poetry, and kinky tales that will spark your desire and quicken your breath. Indulge in the lustful imaginings of this diverse group of writers, all by your naughty self, or share it out loud to entice your lovers. Scry of Lust will charm the pants off of you—literally!

Profits from this collection are being donated to the San Francisco AIDSWalk, through SFGoth Team #5015, in memory of Gregory Hug.

Book Launch Party

Buy yourself supper at The Octopus Salon, pick up copy of Scry of Lust! We are debuting the anthology/chapbook Scry of Lust at the event. It contains erotic poetry and prose to raise money for the SF Goth Team #5105 or San Francisco AIDSWalk!  Join us for HOT HOT HOT SEXY READINGS, and PG-rated public beatings as the cheap kinky toy SpankyBats are demonstrated.

It is a weekday supper time (5 pm to 7:30 pm) at Octopus Salon on Tuesday, May 28 featuring readings of erotic poetry and prose by participants in the Kinky Writer’s Munch!

Additionally, Select items are for the AIDSWalk cause. Buy a $5 Kinky Bat! Sign up to sponsor a walker! Sign up to walk yourself! Buy selected jewelry, buttons and charms vended for the cause at the SFGoth AIDSWalk vending area.

Confirmed authors include:

Sumiko Saulson, Ouroboros Sings (Mimi Heft), Serena Toxicat, Charlie Verrette,  Ev Joy Lokadottr, Francesca Gentille, Merlin Monroe (Skunkheart), Kathleen Mahnke, Lydia, Lif and Sara the Black.

(Individual writers may also have books and other items of their own available for personal sale in a separate area. If so those won’t be going towards the funds raised.)

Kinky Writer’s Munch

Kinky Writers BenefitThe Kinky Writers Group meets weekly at Wicked Grounds Cafe, home of the San Francisco Bay Area’s kink and BSDM scene, at the center of the City’s Leather & LGBTQ Cultural District. We welcome writers of all experience levels, races, genders, orientations, and sensual proclivities.

Kinky Writer’s Munch (hosted by @Mauskaveli aka Sumiko Saulson) meets every Monday from 7pm to 8:30 pm at Wicked Grounds)

For more information, visit our FetLife group:
The Kinky Writer’s Munch’s group of kinky people who write kinky (and sometimes not so kinky) things is coming out to read poetry and short fiction at The Octopus Salon! To raise money for the #SFGoth #AIDSWalk team #5015 for the 2019 AIDSWalk!


SFGoth Team AIDSWalk:

SFGoth AIDSWalk Team:

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