Interview with Scry of Lust author Lydia LaRue

Lydia LaRue

Scry of Lust Q&A Lydia LaRue

Shown: Lydia LaRue with Scry of Lust Photo Credit: Lydia LaRue

Lydia is well known for her intricate erotic stories filled with crime, blood, humiliation and a bit of cat play. She can be found drinking coffee with gluten-free banana nut bread at Wicked Grounds where she’s a proud Patreon supporter. She currently co-hosts the Kinky Writers Group with Sumiko/Mauskaveli.

Scry of Lust

Stories in Scry of Lust: Domination, Remote Control, A New Sensation, The Trip To The Abandoned Factory.

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Teaser (Sample of Work)

gloves1 copy

She lie on the floor, afraid to look at him as he loomed over her naked body.

He leered down at her, “You gonna be good for me, huh?”

She nodded but he nudged her with his black boot.

“I can’t hear you…” He prodded her thigh, digging the bottom of his boot into her flesh.

“Yes, sir.” She raised herself up slightly but only looked at his boot.

He kept his foot on her thigh then roughly slid it off. He went around to her and prodded her ass, digging the toe into her. “Come on, get up, move.” His tone was bored, as if he was chiding an old dog. Though he’d treat an old dog much better than he’d treat her.

She complied and rose to her hands and knees, kneeling.

“Crawl”, he drawled out lazily before he grabbed the riding crop. He whacked it against his leg a few times, in a warning. He looked down at her and shook his head. “You’re not moving fast enough.” He moved to her before she could turn her head and shoved her ass with his boot again, enough to throw her off balance. “You’re too slow.”

He nudged her arm and pushed her but as she tried to regain balance he brought his foot to her chest, toe boot touching below her collar bone as he moved to push her.

She grabbed his boot but at the last second he pulled his foot from her and she fell forward.

She sighed in frustration but he threatened her.

“Uh uh! Not a peep from you.” He brought the riding crop to her mouth, “Hold this, that’ll keep your mouth still.” He grabbed a handful of her hair as he bent down to her. He enjoyed the sight of her helpless and frustrated. He grinned at her.

She narrowed her eyes and a deep frown line appeared between her brows. Her lips wrapped awkwardly around the crop and her teeth bit down.

He could tell she was desperately trying not to drool. He let go of her hair and snapped his fingers as he turned. “Don’t tell me you can’t manage to crawl and hold the riding crop in your mouth at the same time.” He mocked her.


Halfshot bare

Q. How did you find out about the Kinky Writer’s Group or Munch at Wicked Grounds? Was it online, in person, through a referral, and how well did it meet expectations when you arrived?

A. I met Sumiko at a kinky speed-dating event, hosted by Psychokitty, at the Citadel in San Francisco. I mentioned I liked writing and she wanted to start a writing group, so I said, “Sure!”

Q. When did you first start writing? Do you feel it was your purpose to put writing in the world – or do you view writing as a hobby, and how did you begin to love writing if you do love it at all.

A. I’ve been writing since I was 8. I started writing erotica around age 12, after I read The Silver Kiss by Annette Curtis Klause and Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice. Writing is my expression and my life isn’t complete unless I’m writing.

Q. Before Scry of Lust, had you ever put your writing out into the world in any form and if so, how and where (links, if available)

A. Yes, I just found my Twitter account from 2015. Here it is: @MissZeeDomme. The name is for play as I don’t consider myself a domme. Also, as you can see I haven’t been active on it. There are several 140 character erotica stories on there and they feature different genders and sexual orientations.

Q. Some of the pieces in the anthology are sci-fi leaning; others are fantasy, real life scenarios, poetry, or transgressive fiction. How would you describe your own brand of erotic fiction?

A. My erotic fiction tends to feature real life scenarios because that’s what I know the best. However, I love dark characters such as: monsters, goblins and psychotic androids. I always go for the villain.

Q. Many of the people in the anthology are marginalized in one way or another. Women are underrepresented in horror while men are underrepresented in the romance literary genre, queer people are under-represented in literature and disabled people and ethnic minorities are more often written about by others than able to self-represent. Do you view yourself as a member of any marginalized communities and if so, how do you feel about the representation of those communities in both this anthology and in erotica in general? (note:– you may consider

A. My first glimpse into erotica came from a website called:, based in Germany from 1995, by Indina Beuche ( Sadly, it no longer exists but it was there I read my first lesbian/bi/queer erotica at age 15. I also read Yaoi (“boys love” Japanese) during that time. During my early teens, there wasn’t enough positive representation of marginalized people/genders and I was questioning, so I didn’t know if I was lesbian, bi or trans or what. Now it’s much better and we have positive representation but it’s good to have more. This anthology depicts many people from different experiences and that’s what makes this book unique.

Q. Erotica seems to have a bad name in certain circles as a trash genre – do you think that is true? Anne Rice said that erotica and romance are maligned because they are genres written mostly by women for women, do you think that is valid? Finally, do you think people view male-written erotica like John Norman’s Chronicles of Gor as any more or less trashy?

A. I don’t like how erotica is portrayed without regard to people’s consent, positive body image or representation. This may be a problem with mainstream attention (50 Shades of Grey). You really have to search for the erotica you want, that best satisfies you. My first erotica happened to be about vampires and as a teen it’s hard to find sexually explicit erotica. It wasn’t until I got the internet that I could find lesbian/bi/queer erotica–but I think that was by chance. I haven’t read much male erotica, which either feature gay men or hetero extreme roles where the male is always dominant and the female/feminine is always submissive. I actually haven’t read Chronicles of Gor but I’m not a fan of women as slaves.

Q. Which of the other writer’s stories did you like the most and want to recommend that the readers check out? I know you loved the whole book, but this isn’t the question. If you wanted to entice the prospective reader to buy the book, name 1 to 3 works that you didn’t personally write that you would point them at to read first. And why?

A. “Translucent Skin” by Sumiko Saulson is one of my favorites because not only does it feature a fantastic creature with amazing genitalia but the main character, Naedra, is a wise and sexy sorceress who–rather than just taking control of the magical creature, seduces it into willing (and pleasurable) submission.

“The Picnic Table” by Ouroboros Sings is another favorite because it’s like a meditation but erotic. It’s a very positive experience with consensual kink and intense activity. You can’t help but feel in the middle of this kinky scene and there’s no fear, only release at the end.

 “The Turning of Desmond” by Akasha Vampyrssa is my final favorite, featuring two men lost in the middle of a dark, erotic encounter. There is primal need and energy and… feeding. The final transformation seems to be the end yet it is only the beginning.

Q. Finally – since this is horror blog – what is your favorite scarerogenous hot sexy scene in a horror movie, and do you think it is appropriate or inappropriate to be turned on by this?

A. Pin (1988) has a creepy scene where this nurse gets it on with a mannequin doll, as a young man watches. The film carries voyeuristic, incestuous undertones with misplaced lust and unhealthy,  unexpressed sexuality. It’s a very strange and dark film that I happened upon when my friend owned an indie video store called, Paradise Lost. It was a hot scene except, the nurse did not ask for Pin’s consent.

~ by Sumiko Saulson on May 19, 2019.

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