The Oppressor’s Mantra

Don’t talk about black pride
Don’t talk about queer pride
Don’t complain, because you’ll make
Your oppressor feel bad
The mentally ill have no filter and
You’re giving the allistic a sad
Don’t you realize white people
Also have pride?
You’re an angry black woman
Police your tone, girl

You’re going ballistic
Social justice is sadistic
You’re clearly jealous of people
That’s why you’re complaining
We are post-racial
Racism is waning
Trump isn’t really President
You’re imagining it all
And this oppression is something
You’re feigning
All that aggression is surreal
You just want attention
Squeaky wheel
You’re attention whoring for the poor
With all your class warfare
And social justice war…
Warrior, you’re making shit up!
Crazy black bitch,
Please sit down and shut up

There isn’t any problem
You’re taking folks for a ride
You’re saying things in public

Censor yourself
Keep the status quo
Don’t rebel
Marry and Reproduce

~ by Sumiko Saulson on July 10, 2019.

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