Writing While Black – I have a racist MRA stalker

I am living my best life as a black writer, it seems… having attracted my very own MRA trashfire, 4Chan forum troll, racist, sexist, and transphobic wannabe edgelord shitty stalker. Fortunately, he’s such a huge fucking wingnut the other trolls don’t take him seriously and his campaigns peter out quickly.


It has come to my attention that racist, sexist I am now learning transphobic MRA trashfire wannabe edgelord Chuck Stegall and his friends have been hassling black and/or trans women who post supporting comments on my posts. I apologize to anyone who has been harassed with crank calls, crank emails, and Russian trolls and other gross and disgusting behavior by racist Chuck. Chuck may have sockpuppet accounts so I am not sure how effective preemptively blocking him will be. Please feel free to spread the word.

Chuck, a racist cishet white male of the gothic persuasion, has been cracking up ever since the girl of his dreams decided not to be with him, but instead, to marry a black man. Chuck hates race mixing, black people, and a lot of other things and is a sexist pig. Some people don’t block him because they like to troll him. He is pathetic.

If you are reposting, commenting on or otherwise supporting my campaigns please do me a solid and preemptively block Chuck Stegall so as to discourage his harrasment of black women and transwomen on my timeline. Aforementioned harassment includes harassing email messages, harassing phone calls, and super distorted MRA “see? women are just as men” bullshit sexual harassment charges erupting from the MRA sewage tank he dwells in.

He and his friends are tenter bullies and will also post vague shitty double entendre posts that are supposed to be clever to bait you in the comments sections on your posts. These are irritating and a form of gaslighting.

I apologize to anyone who has been hassled by campaigns from this nasty person and his friends due to commenting on my posts.

~ by Sumiko Saulson on July 31, 2019.

One Response to “Writing While Black – I have a racist MRA stalker”

  1. If I see the name I’m blocking. Solidarity, I’ve had my share too.

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