Debut in SF BayView Newspaper Writing While Black

As a Charon Dunn said, “Sumiko Saulson usually writes horror fiction, but sometimes reality is even more horrifying.” This is my debut into the world of hard-hitting journalism after 6 years of writing upbeat puff pieces praising the arts and culture scene for the (since 2013) and Search Magazine (since 2017), 3 years as a music critic writing for the rock magazine RockHEAD (1988-1991) and two years on my high school newspaper The Daily Bugle. I am so proud to be working for the award-winning nationally acclaimed Black Community paper the San Francisco BayView. This is my piece on the connections between a series of recent mass murders, white supremacy and certain bigoted internet forums where racists congregate.

I will also have a series on the writing convention scene called Writing While Black (about the Hugo Scandals and more) coming out in the SF BayView.


~ by Sumiko Saulson on August 6, 2019.

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