Black and Queer are not Trends

2006 with lil4Tay

Rapper Lil 4Tay and author Sumiko Saulson. Black and queer.

Black and queer
Are not just trends
Fashion or make-up
You share with your friends
You feel persecuted as a goth?
Are you for real?
The identities of the marginalized
Are not for you to steal

When they said put away
Childish things
I didn’t know they meant
Childhood friends
When achieving dreams
For your community
Means your childhood ends

When you love and you care
But there is nothing there
That can replace the fact
That you have been back and forth
And here and there with them
To find in the end
You gotta stay black

Gotta stay black,
In the face of injustice
You gotta fight back
They tell you to use
Your inside voice
And feel under attack

They don’t understand
Your motivation
And you gotta know why
When they see racism
And social injustice
They just turn a blind eye

Black and queer
Are not just trends
You appropriate for a season
Until your need for them ends
They are on you for life
With out any choice
Your skin-deep
Your soul-deep
Your kin-deep
Your voice

~ by Sumiko Saulson on August 14, 2019.

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