San Francisco’s War on the Black Community

Writing While Black logo37% of the Homeless people in San Francisco are Black. Less than 6% of San Francisco residents are Black. Black people are 7.7 times as likely to be arrested as white people in San Francisco. Saneism, ableism, and allegations of criminal behavior drug use are often used to veil racism where it is present in the removal of African Americans from power, position, and spaces which are White dominated.

San Francisco is getting to be more and more racist and unsafe for Black people. Black people are forced to self-segregate, move to the East Bay and remove ourselves from White Dominated spaces where we are attacked. Black people are being forced to self-segregate to POC only and Black/Mahogany groups and subsets, or move into Black friendly in the East Bay.

Microagressions like parking your body in front of Black people, yawning at them, and other types of bullying are used to remove Black people from white dominated spaces.

N***er-Baiting is the practice of instigating arguments and fights with Black people so that you can prompt an emotional response from them and then accuse them of being Angry, Emotional, Temperamental, Violent or Insane so you can undermine their credibility.

Character assassination campaigns are used to remove Black people from power and from places of authority.

~ by Sumiko Saulson on September 19, 2019.

2 Responses to “San Francisco’s War on the Black Community”

  1. I am sorry. I feel ashamed to be a white person when I hear about this kind of awful behavior.

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