Please Stop Asking Marginalized People To Defend Our Own Oppression.

Devonte – He needed police, the system and authority figures to care for, protect and look out for him – not the other way around.

I am very angry right now. People who act against marginalized people the way Dave Chappelle acted against transwomen, ask for a free fucking pass. Cops need a pass like a hug from Devonte Hart, a 12 year old child. Then your system lets him down and he ends up dead.

The kind of uplifting images of Devonte’s family that the press and public loved didn’t hold up to scrutiny. The constant media attention probably contributed to driving his unstable mother over the edge. People made them famous but no one helped these kids.

Now Daphe Dorman is dead.

She was an up-and-coming comedian who might have liked to make some progress in her own career. Instead, she became the punchline of a real-life Dave Chappelle joke when he outed her laughter at his transphobic routine. He made her life all about how other women and transfolk were overly sensitive.

Daphne Dornan, a transactivist and comedianne, left behind a young daughter. David Chappelle threw her into the limelight as a prop in defense of his own transphobic show, casting her into disgrace with her own community, which she apologized to in a suicide post.

Why do you keep hounding marginalized people and pressuring us to commit acts of self-denigration, against our own self-interest? Acts of minstrelsy and coonery? To debase and humiliate ourselves in front of our communities so you can be let off the hook for your bigotry? Why the hell are Judge Tammy Kemp and Botham Jean’s brother Brandt Jean hugging his killer, Amber Guyger?

Brandt Jean, Botham Jean’s younger brother, hugs former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger in court after saying he forgives her for killing his brother. Guyger received a 10-year prison sentence for murder.

Privileged people who should be HELPING the downtrodden instead use marginalized people for feel-good inspiration porn. These feel-good images are all about how marginalized people need to stop complaining and accept our role at the bottom of the totem pole, accepting crumbs of kindness from your table with a giant minstrel show little Black Sambo grin and shuck and jive for your damned approval.

Why do the privileged expect the marginalized to comfort them?

Why the hell did Dave Chappelle put Daphne Dorman on front street for laughing at this culturally tone-deaf, inciting, transphobic and dangerously insensitive comedy routine, knowing damned well it would put her in the same position as Devonte, Tammy Kemp and Brandt Jean of looking like a apologist sell-out to her community? What about his fragile assed ego makes it so he can’t check his fucking cishet male privilege while 20 Transwomen most of them Black were murdered this year? Why did he have to pressure this white transwoman into standing up for this transphobic Black ass until she became suicidal from all the shade she had to take because his chickenshit ass was hiding behind her?

If he wasn’t hiding behind her with his weak ass, she’s probably be alive right now.

~ by Sumiko Saulson on October 13, 2019.

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