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Amidst the calamitous chaos that has become the new normal in our world, heroes are emerging. While a few have money and privilege they are willing to use and share, the strongest were forged in the fires of poverty, oppression and exclusion.
You’ll meet those heroes among Bay View readers and writers; some of you will meet one every time you look in the mirror. Bold, brave, brilliant writers point the way to a future worth our struggle and sacrifice.
Unlike any other newspaper anywhere, the Bay View enables and inspires collective resolution of the problems that plague us even by those who are locked down tight, forbidden nearly all means of communication. Unlike any other newspaper anywhere, the Bay View functions as a network for freedom fighters.
Extraordinary journalism in a newspaper that functions as a network for freedom fighters is worth saving, both in print and online – don’t you agree? It’s a triumphant feeling for Dr. Ratcliff and me every time we put out a paper. We expect that in the November paper you’ll find words and pictures that quicken your mind, warm your heart and gird you for action.
But the paper you pick up for free costs a lot to produce, a whopping $7,000 each month just for printing, distribution and mailing. Why are we still printing the Bay View when many other papers have stopped printing and are publishing only online? Because our core readers live in the hood or in prison with little or no internet access.
Many of us are living at survival level with nothing at all to spare. Some folks on this list, though, may be willing and able to pitch in enough to add up to the $3,000 we need in the next few days to finish paying for the November paper.
Every day we hear from one of you that you’re closing in on a source of major funding – that benefactor we’ve been seeking, whether a group or an individual with very deep pockets. We are confident the funding will come, enabling the Bay View to outlive the Ratcliffs, so we’re thinking big, imagining ways to use the Bay View to save the world and build it better.
Please, everyone, stay on board so we can celebrate together when that day comes, when we can afford to hire a real staff and make big waves. And right now, to help us cover some outstanding checks, use the Donate button at https://sfbayview.com/donate/ or simply call 415-671-0789. Or send your check or money order to SF Bay View, 4917 Third St., San Francisco CA 94124-2309.
Volunteers needed: 1) An accountant or bookkeeper familiar with QuickBooks Online and 2) as many of you as possible promoting your favorite stories from https://sfbayview.com/ on your favorite social media platforms.
Indulge in some recent stories and discover new ones every day at sfbayview.com …
Diversity talk highlights anti-Blackness and Black erasure within the LGBTQIA+ community Denial of anti-Blackness is an everyday occupation in the LGBTQIA+ community and in San Francisco specifically, making this conversation long overdue.
The never-ending earthquake called Homelessness: Preparing for an emergency when your life is an ongoing emergency We are always getting prepared for the emergency we are already living in, and it’s made so much harder by this ongoing criminalization and violence called “sweeps.”
In Texas, environmental racism is in our FACE “The struggle to restore the soil and the struggle to create a just social order have up to now been carried on mostly as parallel political movements, without much mutual awareness.”
Holding San Francisco accountable on SFPD’s inadequate DOJ COPS progress and process “Despite three reports studying Black people in regard to racism in 55 years, Black San Franciscans are worse off than ever before.”
Activists across the world deliver South Carolina prisoners’ demands to United Nations South Carolina’s prison system has reached a breaking point, and right now it is breaking the minds, bodies and spirits of human beings.
The Barbara Lee and Elihu Harris Lecture Series presents Anna Mwalagho’s ‘Never Thought I Was Black Till I Came to America’ Immigration can be a form of erasure. The quicker the newcomer sheds her identity, the sooner she is accepted.
Donald in the Donbass, Biden in the crossfire “Zelensky is desperate to end the war. His electoral landslide was the result of this promise, and his anti-corruption theme, which is related. His presidency – even his life – depends on it,” says Princeton and NYU Professor Emeritus Stephen F. Cohen. So why did Zelensky want another $400 million worth of military aid that could only escalate the war?
Presidential candidates engage with formerly incarcerated organizers at historic forum on criminal justice issues On Monday, Oct. 28, Democratic presidential candidates fielded questions from formerly incarcerated people for the first time during a nationally-broadcast forum.
Sam Jordan’s, San Francisco’s oldest Black-owned bar, to close after 60 years in business “The spaces the Black community had carved out, the restaurants we’d established, the communities we’d become a part of, were all fading out.”
Long live the greatest threat to the internal security of the US, the Black Panther Party! On this 50th anniversary of the Black Panthers’ Free Breakfast Program, let us meditate on the incredible legacy of the original Black Panther Party. Although this is a plea for help and a call to action, this piece is also a dedication.
If you want folks to know about your business or service or event, Advertise in the Bay View, online or in print. Call 415-671-0789 any time. We’ll make it affordable!
Support SF BayView with a donation to the Prisoners Subscription Fund. Prisoners say, “The Bay View keeps me alive,” and hundreds are waiting to be placed on the Bay View mailing list.
Check the Bay View Calendar of Events daily. You’re sure to find an event that beckons you to get involved – and many are free!
Find a friend among the Bay View Pen Pals, who write, “I would love to hear my name at mail call.”
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To reach the Bay View, email editor@sfbayview.com.
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Mary RatcliffSF Bay View(415) 671-0789https://sfbayview.com/

~ by Sumiko Saulson on November 8, 2019.

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