Book of Problematic Things

So, yesterday, I reposted this post on Mayor Libby Schaaf’s administration harassing the homeless:

Along with the following commentary about her breaking campaign promises.

And just after, I got this weird message from the Mayor’s Office offering me some Slayer tickets for club night at The Uptown I petitioned to remove its racist logo. It seemed like a troll but they were serious. Do I think this has to do with me reporting at the SFBayView? Yes I do.

My friend Blau, a local DJ in the car with me, laughed and said that Slayer was problematic as fuck due to their use of Nazi imagery and lyrics. Like they are as problematic as the shitty lynching logo. It seemed like they were trolling the mayor, the club, the venue, and me.

But I am a hood rat and used to this bullshit. I give zero fucks so I decided to get the fucking tickets and give them to the club, or another club, or perhaps hand them to some homeless folks to use or scalp. When I got there the Mayor’s aide was African American. I thought, this dude has to know I work for the SF BayView, I tagged the damned paper in the post!

So yeah, I get the inside joke now.

Kae Oz, the original poster, works at the Uptown, the Oakland venue for said club. Not a coincidence, in my opinion. Said club declined but I did accept on behalf of the Oakland venue and went to see what’s popping at the Mayor’s Office.

There were protesters there. I arranged to pick up the tickets like a good hood rat, and asked to get my parking validated. Then I handed out my business cards to the assembled and told them I work for the BayView. One of them told me this:

I am doing my best to get the inside scoop on this, so more later.

~ by Sumiko Saulson on November 27, 2019.

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