Irene McCalphin in #Writing While Black, January Edition

So this.. just so you know I am still interviewing Irene McCalphin about this and this will be in the San Francisco Bay View Newspaper‘s January issue in the #WritingWhileBlack column. We will be talking about the Pantheacon POC Walkout. It happened and cancelling the convention doesn’t change that.

About Irene McCalphin

Queer| Fat|Black| Femme

writer, performance artist, model, witch , singer and eater of food in public

Irene McCalphin is one third of the diverse witchcraft ternion The Virgo Homo Thugs for the Revolution.  As co-founder and massage therapist of A Sovereign Embodiment Healing Collective and Board-member of the Body Political Irene blends magic with massage, storytelling and performance art to liberate, heal and reclaim space for marginalized community.  They’re currently working on a book and facilitating the creation a healing and retreat space for queer femmes in Grass Valley, Ca.

Here is their website:

The Pantheacon blog says “That vision came true for many years, but as time passed it grew bigger and the viewpoints diverged. ” So to the yeah to the best of my knowledge. Some POCs asked people to stop culturally appropriating, so a bunch of white folks got mad and put curses and hexes on them, so the POCs walked out and a bunch o the queer community walked out with organizer Irene McCalpin who is Black and queer. So the “divergence” must be the part when butthurt white folks started hexing Irene.

Now they’re shutting Pantheacon down over the walk out, this will be the last year, and they are wording this in a way that creates further animosity. Considering that three different white Americans connected to Pantheacon referred to themselves as person of color while trying to try to shut me down. There seem to be a lot oppressed Italian Americans newly minted as POCs in defense of Pantheacon or some other problematic white dominated thing these days.

~ by Sumiko Saulson on December 2, 2019.

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